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Review: Thomas Stieler – Well Justified EP (incl. Daniel Stefanik Remix) – Polynom


Thomas Stieler, who is now located in Munich, comes back to Polynom adding his third release to the labels catalogue after great releases and remixes on labels like Foul & Sunk, Avida, Lofile and many more. The deep & tech house lover once again exhibits his very own idea of contemporary club music with this 12 inch three tracker including a remix by Daniel Stefanik.

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Recent Records of the Week #46 // 2015

Highlights of the WeekRecent Records


The Bologna based duo Nas1 comes up with their „Woodside EP“ on Odd Socks, after releases on labels like Bosconi Extra Virgin and Crimini Records. 3 raw and organic sounding tracks are offered to all the heads out there. „Kokooo“ opens the record with his crackling drum rack, dreamful layers and stumbling arrangement. The slow tempo fits the warm feeling on this tune perfectly. The second track on the a-side is called „50k“ and carries on with dirty drum sounds, but has a different approach. Highly emotional low-fi house meets sensitively used disco chops and creates a great groover with a unique touch to it. The striking bassline adds a nice drive to the piece and completes the track perfectly. „Exit 12-13“ takes over the b-side of this record and at the same time brings all the elements you’ve heard so far together. Bongos adding a certain feeling of djungle to the track which is accompanied by a weirdly sampled and chopped vocal. Wide sounds create a fluffiness where all the rawer sounds feel domestic and stand out as well. Overall this EP is compiled well, every single track suits the other and turns this vinyl into a nicely balanced work.

ODD009 – Nas1 – Woodside EP by Odd Socks Records

Artist: Nas1 ( Title: Woodside EP Label: Odd Socks ( Cat no. ODD009 Release date: November 2015



Samuel André Madsen, also known for his Mandar project with Nick Putman and Charlie Naffah once again proves his magic touch. This lovely two tracker offers some minimalistic and improvisational flicks. The a-side takes you on a trip through lower frequencies, supported by reserved operating hi hats and pitched drums. A strong bassline adds a certain darkness to the tune and is the perfect foundation for the jazzy improvisation on top. Chords pop up everywhere and seduce your ears. This track is everything but average. „Untitled“ on the flip side is a typical S.A.M. track, groovy drum patterns, pounding kicks and powerful chords set every dancefloor on fire. Somewhere located between house and techno this track is a great addition to nearly everyones set. A playful track and some prime time madness meet here and end in a sweet record that’s put together gently.

S.A.M. & The Naff Arkestra – Beyond Synthesis EP (DELAPHINE005) by S. A. M.

Artists: S.A.M. & The Naff Arkestra EP: Beyond Synthesis EP Label: Delaphine Catalogue Number: Delaphine005 Written by: Samuel André Madsen, Charlie Naffah & Pierre Naffah. produced by: S.A.M. & Lazare Hoche in the Mandar Studio. Mastered by: Joel Krozer Format: 12″ Vinyl Year: 2015 Distributed by Subwax Bcn. enjoy!

Recent Records of the Week #45 // 2015

Highlights of the WeekRecent Records


With his EP SWEET Marquis Hawkes delivers a superb 4-tracker on Houndstooth, a label we never recognized so far. When I Get Home starts this beautifully compiled record, an outstanding r’n’b vocal which is filtered and looped just in the right amount to hypnotize you and connect you to the groove. Crisp drum patterns produce a great vibe without being to intense, soft strings carry on the atmosphere and the great feeling on this track. This definitely ist the outstanding work on this record. At the Witness Stand is the second track and adds another facette to the release, pounding drums, a heavy bassline and shuffled vocals take you back to NY and also remind us off the late 80s hip hop tracks. On the flip side SWEET continues with progressive vocal sampling, the repeating „woho“ combined with a sharp bassline make this one a solid peak time track that serves a nice old school touch. What a Relief closes the Ep with overpowered kicks and a lot of percussion use and the small sound snippets almost dance between the programmed drums to make this into a very powerful and strange track that could fit in-between in almost every acid house set.

Marquis Hawkes – Sweet [Houndstooth] by HoundstoothLBL

Taken from the ‚Sweet‘ EP. Buy 12″ from Houndstooth store and receive free WAVs upon release: | Download:



Money $ex continues their legacy with releasing another sample based house record. Their fourth installment is Alex Seidel‘ first release and adds another great record to Money $ex‘ Catalogue. The Intro adds unusual sounds to the label, +encounter- is a synth-loaded ambient track that provides dark and suspect sounds. With Groove Attack as the second track on the a-side, things finally go in the known direction. Summerly chords supported by a funky bassline and perfect fitting strings generate a great feel good track that gets every dancefloor going. Smooth sample house at it’s best with well dosed use of percussion. Boogie Down Sessions opens the b-side and this breakbeat really carries you away. This is the exceptional work on Alex‘ 12-inch. Warm patterns popping up everywhere, on point percussions combined with perfect matching acid sounds turn this one into a cosmic dream. The follow-up track Midnight Circle combines all the sounds we heard before into a playful midtempo sample-house track supported by acid basslines, futuristic patterns and looped vocals. The outro w.t.t.d., like the intro +encounter-, depicts dark synth patterns, with industrial sounds and jarring strings which let this record come to an argumentative end.


PREORDER: A1 +encounter- (Intro) A2 Groove Attack B1 Boogie Down Sessions B2 Midnight Circle B3. W.T.T.D (Outro)

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #023 – Barbara Preisinger

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The summer is gone, the days get colder and it’s dark when you wake up and when you fall asleep as well. But the sadness only sticks around for a couple of days and at the latest when it starts to snow the smiles are back on our faces. It’s the same every year and as the four seasons do their thing regularly we keep doing what we do as well, so please say hello to podcast #023. As we already announced one of Berlins finest took over the controls, Barbara Preisinger gave us the opportunity to release a live recording from here last Deep in the Box party at Salon zur wilden Renate. It was recorded in the lovely morning hours round about 7am. In 2009 she started her well known label Slices of Life which holds on to releasing vinyl. If you take a quick look at the label description you’ll find some wise words there. Corresponding it says the produced music depicts a certain moment, feeling or status in the artists life. Therefore it would be not enough to release music for everyones hard drives, the result of many hours should be something you can hold in your hands. We really love the effort Barbara puts into her label, but of course in here Dj sets as well. We were a kind of surprised about the sound she played in this podcast, we love here deepness and driving techno sets and if you listen to the mix you can experience her funky side as well. Thanks Barbara it means a lot to us to have you in the series, the mix is really classy and that’s exactly what you are as a person.


[soundcloud_ultimate track=]


Barbara Preisinger Soundcloud
Slices of Life

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #010 – Der Klient

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#010 is finally here! Der Klient delivered one of those deep drives through a night with fullmoon. It’s your soundtrack to relax, to warm-up for a weekend full of great parties and also to sit on the terrace on a hot summer night with a glass of wine. quality mixing and an outstanding selection makes this one something special. you can definitely feel the vibe. We are really hooked on the grooves from Mr. Deep Afterhour, which is his own podcast with almost 4000 followers. So tune in and spread the love, thanks Der Klient for our faboulos mix number 10!


[soundcloud_ultimate track=]


Ohrenschmaus Podcast #008 – Baaz

Our Podcasts

We go on as time goes on. After 7 great mixes here comes number 8, we welcome Baaz on board. The Berlin based producer has made himself a name so far, after releasing his first vinyl on Agnès’ imprint Sthlmaudio he moved on with releasing his third record on Elevate which was founded by Daniel Bell. Now after releases on Minuende Recordings, Quintessentials and Slices of Life he launched his own label which is called Office Recordings. You should keep your eyes open for this one, he already released 2 quality EPs and there is still more to come. Besides his outstanding productions he is also known as a great DJ as you can hear in the mix. He gets deeper and deeper without losing the vibe and groove. We are more than happy with his podcast, please enjoy it as much as we do. This one has the flavor we all need nowadays!


[soundcloud_ultimate track=]



Baaz Facebook
Baaz Soundcloud

Office Recordings:

Office Recordings Soundcloud

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #006 – Renard

Our Podcasts

Sorry for the small delay, we had some trouble with the arrangement of podcasts. But in the end it’s all good! We proudly welcome Renard to our series. He’s a part of the Soultunes Crew from Magdeburg and has a great taste in house music as you can hear. His set is driven by warm synths, soulful vocals and jazzy saxophones. We are more than happy with his recording, so please enjoy his set at least as much as we did. The sun is shining in nuremberg and the feeling is good, thanks Renard you did a great job on this one.


[soundcloud_ultimate track=]


Renard Soundcloud
Renard Facebook

Soultunes Blogspot

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