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Ohrenschmaus Podcast #048 – Barbara Boeing

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For our 48th edition we stumbled across Barbara Boeing from Curitiba, Brasil. The 31 year old regularly plays as a resident at Alter Disco and Discoteca Odara. We really like her style when it comes to music. She treats everything equally, Brazilian music, disco, house, techno or anything in-between. She really has a passion for many different styles. You usual can’t know what she’s playing due to her versatility. But one thing is for certain, she never lets you down. Ohrenschmaus Podcast #048 is no exception. Quality disco tracks bring the sunshine and are combined with sample-based house and some minor techno. A very unique mixture, but all those different tracks end up in a very powerful mix. We really hope you guys and girls enjoy her contribution as much as we do, your Ohrenschmaus Podcast!

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #048 – Barbara Boeing by Ohrenschmaus Podcast

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #048 comes straight from Brazil. Curitiba to be more exact. Barbara Boeing took care of the selection and mix this time and delivers a perfect mixture of house, disco and techno. Lovely sunshine music for the great weather in Nuremberg right now, but also very energetic and dark in certain passages.

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Ohrenschmaus Podcast #015 – Andrey PUSHKAREV

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For our 15th installment we asked one of our favourite djs at the moment. Andrey PUSHKAREV is a dj we don’t follow very long to be honest, but he definitely hooked us on his grooves. In his sets he relies on dark and melodic techno with a certain touch of deepness and a very raw and minimalistic edge. That makes his mixes more than enjoyable and we really love the darkness and the feeling of a never ending track that he creates. After moving to Moscow in 2000 he started to get in touch with music and also worked with the worldwide known Deepmix Moscow Radio from 2006 to 2011. Nowadays he is a part of the Circus Company family. We are really thankful that he stayed with vinyl over the years and serves one hell of a mix. We are truly in love with his mix and wish him luck for all of his upcoming projects. The Ohrenschmaus crew says “Hello Andrey, now you’re a part of our family and we like that.” Enjoy his selection and spread the word!


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