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Interview: Mr. Fonk – „Well, I wanna be a mentor, that’s for sure.“


Mr Fonk is a true DJ and very enthusiastic about it. You not only experience it through his well-selected mixes and gigs. Also talking to him and his love for certain tracks, eras and labels clearly transports his love. Living in Franconia as a kid, he made some of his first steps in the area around Nuremberg when it comes to clubbing. After living in Frankfurt and now Berlin for a time he experienced many different club cultures. All of them, but more so the people made an impact on him and his label S4AW. Smile for a while is not just a name it’s a mindset. What he wants to do with his label as well as his beliefs are just some of the topics we went through during our conversation. Keep reading


FUEL – Basco [Ashore]


Basco from Ashore is not just a person that shares the enthusiasm for blogging with us. He also is a like-minded person speaking of his musical taste. Besides his love for elegant house and deep techno he also is deeply rooted in hip-hop and rap with all its influences, sample sources and everything else. For Basco golden era beats and modern, more pop related beats are no contradiction. He cherishes both equally and simply integrates a ridiculous amount of different styles and genres into his musical world. This openness and love for music truly follow our ideas and beliefs. You can hear this unique approach in our 16th Hip Hop Selection where he perfectly displayed his skills and talented ear. This list of favourites, however, is pretty much shaped through his brother’s influences. This list consists of selected works Basco was introduced to by his eight years older brother. Nowadays it is the other way around. Sascha forwards new music to his brother and tells him about readworthy literature. Although his brother isn’t an avid reader. What hasn’t changed over the last years is the importance of his brother’s hints and lead. Something we should all be thankful for.


Favourite book: Selim Özdogan – Nirgendwo & Hormone

I think I own almost every book by Selim Özdogan except one or two maybe – even though I don’t like every single one. I really like his early works. They still get me with their simplicity and light-footedness. Just like „Nirgendwo & Hormone“. He writes simply and clearly, but he doesn’t bore the reader. And to be honest, I often used some titles of his short stories for my mixes or used quotes for the inner cover of my mixtapes. „Nirgendwo & Hormone“ is a road movie in a book. You travel through the wasteland, bars and wild nights while love and friendship are put on a test. It’s almost like you could smell, taste and feel the desert while reading. „Nirgendwo & Hormone“ has a steady place in my favourites for eternity, although quite a few think that his debut is even better. (it is exceptional)

Selim Özdogan - Nirgendwo & Hormone

Favourite movie: Absolute Giganten

The amount of Hamburg visits I’ve done is quite negligible: I’ve been there once with my school class and visited St. Pauli, many years after I’ve been at DJ Koze’s apartment for an interview and then I’ve been there in winter one week before the Golem club closed to spin some records and my last trip is just a few weeks behind where I finally experienced the summer in the city for three days. But my fascination for Hamburg was born through „Absolute Giganten“. Way before „Victoria“ (I still didn’t see the movie by now. Damn!) Sebastian Schipper came up with a movie that is heavily quoted til now. I think you already know what I’m talking about, when it’s most beautiful, the record is jumping and so on. Regardless of how this scene and many others turned into a cliché „Absolute Giganten“ in its entity remains as one of the best and most beautiful movies about friendship – and Hamburg

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Favourite Album: The Van Pelt – Sultans of Sentiment

Already in third or fourth grade, my brother made tapes with his favourite music for me. They mostly contained so-called emo from 1994 to 1998, besides hardcore. The second emo wave, or however you will call it. I’m talking about bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring and others. And of course about The Van Pelt. They already were unique back in the days and more so today. Their music is detached from genres, categories and scenes extremely timeless, that’s because of the songs themselves – I love every song on this album -, but also due to Chris Leo’s singing. Which isn’t really singing, it’s almost storytelling. The Sound they’ve created remains unique until this very moment to me, only Reiziger from Belgium and Marr came close to it in some time and some sort. A few months ago both LPs were re-released on vinyl. Lucky me! Because my copy I’ve got from my brother already had some scratches and wasn’t out there for a reasonable price until now. There’s no second album I own so many times on CD or as a vinyl record.

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Basco online:

Basco Facebook

Basco Soundcloud

Ashore online:

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Ashore Soundcloud


FUEL – Jannick Baal


Jannick Baal is a local DJ from the Nuremberg area. As a friend of the team and a person with strong beliefs, it was clear that we had to feature him. Sound-wise he might be located in a more modern part of club music. His sound reflects his spirituality and love for clean productions. His sets transport a decent energy and steadily offer a flow that makes it easy to follow along and enjoy the night. He displayed those qualities in and around Nuremberg in locations like Haus 33, E-Werk and more.


Favourite book: Hermann Hesse – Siddhartha

The book that impressed me the most is Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. It takes care of beauty, focus and some sort of disciplined freedom in a unique way. All of this is required to understand the concept of integrity and get a closer look.

Hermann Hesse – Siddhartha

Favourite movie or series: Too many

I really love tons of movies and series. I really care about the concept of it and the development throughout the series or the movie. The concept needs to feature exceptional characters and a storyline that is exciting. There’s nothing worse than an ending that is predictable.

Favourite track, mix or album: Too many

There’s no certain mix, album or track that I can place in the limelight so to speak. I could start a list about music that I really love and would never come to an end. To be totally honest I’m fascinated by the future and its endless possibilities. Technology is evolving so fast and always brings up new capabilities. Thanks to this evolution there are so many ways to sample, generate or reproduce sounds and create new ones. All of this can be interpreted, combined and added in several ways. It’s just an endless playground.

Jannick Baal online:

Jannick Baal Facebook

Jannick Baal Soundcloud

Interview: Tilman – „Creativity comes and goes, sometimes I end up with something great and work on it, or it’s nothing I like and just let it go.“


Tilman from Mainz is a busy person right now. After running his great klamauk label for quite a while already in a successful way he now also takes care of Fine, the label he runs with Johannes Albert. If you know Johannes and Tilman you definitely get why they get along so well and run the label with great effort. Tilman is positive all the way, not just regards his music, but as well as a person. You feel his warmth and his enthusiasm for music and life from the very beginning, even before he says something. Coming from the hip hop background, making his way through house, soul, disco and funk he now is where he is. Displpaying a huge variety of sounds and styles, how he got there and what happened on the way is just one facet we talked about.

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Interview: Marbod – „Producing music primarily for the dance floor would quickly weaken my will and enthusiasm.“


We finally managed to get in touch with Marbod to talk about his musical upbringing, what impact hip hop had in his musical growth, what it’s like to run a label and what drinks he’s into at the moment. Dirk Puchta really is a jack of all trades. He’s not only producing house and techno under his Marbod moniker, but also running the neat Lofile Records imprint and his own cafe Filterhouse, located at Graefekiez in Berlin. Pretty much to do, but still Dirk might be one of the loveliest, funniest and cheerful perons you’ll probably meet. On top he’s producing and playing great music, his food and coffee is delicious as well. Almost too good to be true.

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Interview: Jazzman – „Fake likes won’t generate plays, downloads, shares or whatever. It’s a waste of money!“


These days you get flooded by a large amount of podcasts, radio shows and much more. Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and many platforms offer simple hosting, upload, download and playback for mixes. This circumstances in combination with low prices for homepages and social media like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and many more seduce people to start their own show. Due to this a lot of competition is going on, but what divides a good podcast from a bad one? What do you need to start? Which problems could occur? To answer all those questions we invited René “Jazzman” Wolski, the host of the “Deep Inspiration Show”, to give some advice. On top we will talk about the vivid house scene of Africa, where a warm, jazzy and soulful house sound seems to work perfectly on the dance floors. Keep reading

Interview: Johannes Albert – “ If people go freakin‘ nuts I just sleep much better that night, you know?“


5 years of „Frank Music“ that’s the perfect reason to have a quick chat with label owner Johannes Albert. Strongly connected to Würzburg and Franconia in general he showed his love with the name of the label. Now residing in Berlin, Johannes loves to play all kind of stuff. Whether it is disco, 90s house, or what ever. During our conversation we got to know his „Let’s be Frank“ side of his character, on top he shared some insights about the label, his productions and what he does during his DJ sets. You can experience an excerpt of his DJ set from the 5th of december at Farbfernseher, Berlin as Ohrenschmaus Podcast #037. Keep reading

Interview: Roman Rauch – „I just didn’t want to put together 10 house tracks and call it an album“


Roman Rauch is a fanatic cyclist based in Vienna. Besides his love for spinning wheels he as well loves to watch the vinyl spin on turntables. We talked with Roman about his tour through Asia, his Hometown Vienna and how his album came together. We also had a quick chat about his love for Tokyo and upcoming projects. Plus Roman took care of Ohrenschmaus Podcast #036 which can be found beneath.

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