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WASI - Adé

Christmas Candies: WASI – Adé

Adé by WASI

As our beloved friend, WASI will leave Nuremberg for a new job it is kind of obvious that we have mixed feelings at the moment. We are happy for him and the goal he has achieved, but at the same time, we are sad that a friend leaves. Yeah, we will meet and visit each other. Sure, but the feeling of loss remains. This emotionality is perfectly engraved to the sound of his track Adé. Adé is a modification of Ade which means goodbye in German. So everything falls together perfectly. Our feelings, the track, the name, the upload timing and his farewell party. Pure joy and melancholy meet on all levels, not just in real life, but also in this superb track you’ve sent us. We couldn’t have thought about a better way to kick off the compilation. Thanks for your help, music and your friendship. Adé by WASI or as we have to say Adé to WASI.


If you want to know more about him simply click the link: FUEL with WASI


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Christmas Candies

Christmas Candies is our second December series or compilation. Some years ago we had the idea to gather some tracks by friends of Ohrenschmaus Podcast and upload them during the Christmas time as a gift for our listeners and readers. The first series was called Candle Tracks and followed the same rules. Music that is free to download for everyone on Soundcloud with only one thing in common: quality! And that’s where we continue in 2018 with the Christmas Candies series. This compilations sound is located in or somewhere around the house genre and simply wants to display music from our circle of friends. When the series comes to an end we will produce a tape compilation with all of the tracks that will feature a nice design. The tape will be 100% handmade and comes in limited numbers. So if you’re a tape fan or simply want to support us just order yourself a quality tape. It will be sold at a reasonable price that only covers our production costs. But for now, stay tuned for the upcoming pieces of music and enjoy your Christmas gift. One love, Ohrenschmaus Podcast.

Review: Various Artists – 3YRSVDR – Verydeeprecords


Verydeeprecords is now around for three years and celebrates their birthday with a nice compilation that goes by the name „3YRSVDR“. 15 tracks made it onto the tape, which comes in an artsy cover and a puristic, white cassette. As usual the Nuremberg label features tracks from themselves and friends. On board are Me Succeeds, Christoff Riedel, Carlesy, Allie, [ ], Bambi Davidson, An Elm, Philipp Roth, Magic Meru, Soft Grid, Red On, Lorin Strohm, Edna X, Stadt aus Draht, Vincent von Flieger and William Black. Some of them share originals, while others remixed tracks. In the end Verydeeprecords offers a nice range of sounds from bass music, songwriter stuff and experimental techno with their „Three years of Verydeeprecords [3YRSVDR]“ package.

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