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Birke TM - Forty15

Christmas Candies: Birke TM – Forty15


The 8th and last track on our Christmas Candies compilation is by Birke TM. One of the founders of Neighbour Recordings and one half of Base Pilot. Forty15 is a serious deep house stomper with lots of soul as said by the vocals: „Yeah oh yeah I got soul!“ As always Birke TM brings some unique sounding drums and percussions to the table with lots of pattern changes and multi-layered samples. The vocal truly speaks from the bottom of his and our heart to the listener. Message is key. Always! The nice mid-tempo tune strikes with organic sounds, an emotional foundation and the right amount of cosiness for these cold days. This one is a lotion for your body and soul. Providing closeness and the feeling of a warm and loving hug. Love is the theme and love is the message and love is what we all need. So, thanks for your support boys and girls. This was the last addition and we are now set and done. The tape will be out in February 2019 featuring all the free downloads. So feel free to support us and buy the tape as soon as it is ready. We hope 2019 will bring joy, love, happiness and health to you and your loved ones. Your Ohrenschmaus Podcast! <3


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Base Pilot - Life Is Rhythm EP - Neighbour Recordings

Review: Base Pilot – Life Is Rhythm EP – Neighbour Recordings


Base Pilot is a newly found collaborative project by Quantec and Birke TM. They not just share the passion for music, but also a long-lasting friendship and finally combined these two things. With their Life Is Rhythm EP on their own Neighbour Recordings imprint both start into a new chapter. Quantec should be a name for most of us, due to his almost endless stream of quality dub techno releases on labels like Echocord, Styrax, Silent Season and more. Birke TM also is a true music aficionado and produces beats for many years. A superb EP on London’s very own Feelharmonic Records marked his debut. Under Base Pilot, they join forces and craft everything they like. From deep house cuts to stomping dub techno. Everything is possible. With their first release as partners, they deliver a smooth package of four original tracks from the before mentioned fields of club music. This mixture of dub, house and hip-hop clearly unifies the influences of both artists and leads to a unique EP that is not missing any remix. Keep reading

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #021 – Desperate Houseboys

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We spontaneously were given the opportunity to upload a live recording from our beloved Desperate Houseboys. Even if this time Birke TM couldn’t join Chris Binder and Marko M. for the 11 years of Kiss Klub Party at Die Rakete in Nuremberg we decided to give it a go. The 2 Houseboys played back2back for 5 hours at the party, no monitoring and only vinyl as usual. We really liked the flow and groove they’ve setup. As said before, the Desperate Houseboys consist of Birke TM, Chris Binder, Marko M. & the beloved Edbert who isn’t with them anymore. After some own parties they are now looking for a new venue to go on, til now they booked djs like Drei Farben House, Michal Zietara and Agnes. So please enjoy this live recording and get hooked on the vibe.


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