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Vicmari is an up and coming artist from Durban, South Africa. South Africa’s vital house scene should be known by almost any of us with it’s love for deep and highly emotive house tracks. On Eclipser Chaser Vicmari not just releases his first vinyl he also releases a full album which goes by the name „Audiodidact“. While the LP comes out in digital form there will be an album sampler on vinyl, which is the one we will talk about in this review. The sampler will be the 7th release by Eclipser Chaser and Vicmari follows up artists like Warten Borgmann, DJ Honesty and Tommy Vicari Jnr. A nicely done and modern house EP with 3 original tracks and a superb Cab Drivers remix.

„WonderS“ opens the album sampler on Eclipser Chaser, while the whole LP will be released through Slope Music digitally. A heavenly sounding pad and a funky guitar sample open things up. A great drive almost breaks into the track as soon as the drums are in full effect. A classical house track with complex melodies, a lot of soul and jazz elements turns out to be pretty refreshing. This one can be located somewhere between the hymns of the past and modern sample based house, fitting almost every friendly and summerly house set that could be played. Great chord segments in between reach deeply into everyones soul and make this track quite sophisticated and intelligent. „Local Play“, the second track, delivers a bit more dirt and roughness. The heavy powered bassline in combination with the very agile drum sounds really delivers a great drive. A bit of noise in the background and beautiful strings turn out to be very catchy. Uplifting pads and whispered vocals that almost can’t be noticed and used as a pad in the background just fit in perfect and turn this into a seriously bouncing floor stomper. Other as „WonderS“ before „Local Play“ isn’t a really intelligent build track, it clearly focuses on the strong loop and the extreme energy it delivers and that’s just how it should be. Nice to hear someone realizing that the foundation of the track is so unique and he manages to stick with it instead of working on variations just to have them and might ruin the tune. This track is flamboyant! The b-side is introduced by Cab Drivers remix for „Who could measure“, a great remix once again. The clearly structured drums with great drive and the typical dub pads and strings strike in full effect. So simply and at the same time so hard to do tracks or remixes like this. All the drums are on point and match the vocal in great style. All sounds together really have a decent mystical output which makes this re-interpretation pretty fascinating. You can’t say much about it, it simply is a remix that clearly bears Cab Drivers thumbprint. Energetic, agile and grooving! The last track on this fine selected album sampler is called „Life With Dub Section“ and Vicmari shows that he’s not just capable of modern house tracks. As the track titles already says he comes up with a dub influenced tune. The bassline is almost a bit overpowered, the drums jump from left to right and give a lot of motion to the track. In the background a super sensitive string balances this track smoothly and gets supported by a heavenly string that arises over quite a long time, which really gives more depth to the arrangement. This one simply makes you dream with the wonderful calm sounds in the background and the powerful drum sounds in the foreground, it just sounds very natural and harmonic. It’s the perfect way to close this EP. We really hope the hear more from Vicmari in the near future, because he is capable to do things we didn’t hear before. He unites South Africa’s house sound with classical and modern house parts and also jumps to dub influences to create his very own sound.

Vicmari – Audiodidact Teaser

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