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With the Chromophore EP Slow Life once again delivers a release that matches their unique way. There’s not much you have to say about the collective anymore. The Gang consisting of Laurine, DJ Tree, Cecilio, S. Moreira and P. Villalba stands for quality podcasts, selections, parties and superb releases. For catalogue number SL006 they gathered a nice amount of tracks and release their first double 12 inch. Besides Saverio Celestri and S. Moreira they also introduce us to some new names, such as Mick Welch, Luis Malon, Seafoam, A² and Primary Perception. All eight tracks adapt to the sound aesthetics that the label presented in their previous releases and also adds on to them in fashionable manner.

We will talk about the songsin a chronological order to keep things simple, so you can follow the review like the tracks appear on the record. Opening the stage it’s Mick Welch’s „Serenity“ which offers a heavy load of vintage drum sounds combined with a slowly moving and ever evolving pad that has this diverse and extra deep sound to it. In contrast you’ll find some nice acid bleeps in between and a nicely down melancholic topping. Subtle and raw sounds meet up and work together perfectly, just a beautiful track with a unique sound. Calm and elegant. The second track of the a-side keeps on with the idea of mixing acid sounds with soft and long lasting pads to have an outer space experience. Luis Malon’s „Good Morning“ is a bit more reserved and much calmer when it comes to the drum arrangement. Luis keeps things simple and gives all the attention to the sounds he used. It’s like you really experience every sound throughout the whole arrangement because there are only a few and they match each other superbly. Instead of introducing new sounds throughout the song he plays slightly with every single one. This tune is just coherent and unagitated which makes it very beautiful. Track number three comes from Slow Life regular S. Moreira. „Clean or High“ uses a lot of delay on many parts and is almost an homage to old school stuff from the likes of Timewriter and many more. The pads and strings in combination with repetitive vocals and sharp drums is just lovely, the whole arrangement is playful and kind of sexy. You have to move, whether you’re sitting in your chair at home or you’re standing in a club. This is a true masterpiece, peaceful yet powerful as well. Seafoam took care of the second track on the b-side and created a spacious track that takes you to far places. Delays, reverb and an agile drum pattern instantly catch you and as soon as the powerful sub-bass drops in you’re hooked. The kicks are so soft you almost don’t recognize them, but still you don’t miss a punching kick. In fact you don’t need it, this track is so special and delightfully arranged that a heavy kick drum simply would destroy all the emotions you feel while listening to this intense piece. A² opens the second record and therefore the c-side with „Knotted“ and all the sounds are knotted into each other perfectly. This track could be located somewhere between house, break beats and hip hop. Displaying many influences that led to this stellar track. All the pads and strings sound familiar to deep house lovers, but at the same time the drum rack and arrangement comes from break beats and also depicts some ideas of hip hop instrumentals. Combining all those elements is just pure fire and very rarely done at the moment. Highly experimental and therefore absolutely stunning! On „C2M“ Primary Perception joins S. Moreira. In total this track is a mysterious and melancholic track that really connects with the listener, the up and down pitched pad in the background somehow reflects the ups and downs everyone has in his lifetime. Sloppy drums and bleeping sounds on top of the arrangement, soft kicks and a spartan bassline underneath balance this track and set the stage for its emotionality. S. Moreira continues with „Elevate“ to open the last side of this double 12 inch pack and shows his outstanding touch for vintage sounding tracks that have an endless deepness that always keeps in touch with danceability and drive. Not just this tune seems to elevate with superb organic sounds and nicely filtered passages, Sergio himself elevates from track to track. It seems like you can follow his creative processes and productions getting better and better with every single release he puts out. Exceptional sound engineering from his very first track until now, definitely one of the producers that everyone should have on their lists. The last track comes from Slow Life regular Saverio Celestri. With his calm and also energized „Jez Zie“. Futuristic pads meet old school computer sounds that are pretty rough and pop out of nowhere. Contrasts, that’s what it comes down to once again. Fine sounds are mixed with raw sounds, piping acid meets delicate house, relaxed meets nervous and the list goes on forever. The beauty of the Chromophore EP is not only that every single track is great and nicely done, the real beauty behind it is that the records sounds like a solo LP. All the songs go pretty well together and still keep their uniqueness. It’s hard enough for one producer to create an album you enjoy to hear from the beginning to the end, but putting together a various artists package that sounds so even is almost impossible. If you like vintage drum sounds, dreamful pads, a bit of acid and break beat influences this might be the best thing your hands will ever grab.

SL006 – Chromophore by Slow Life

Bookings: Info: Distribution Worldwide: Born and raised in Berlin, Slow Life is a multidisciplinary hispano-ita

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