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Verydeeprecords is now around for three years and celebrates their birthday with a nice compilation that goes by the name „3YRSVDR“. 15 tracks made it onto the tape, which comes in an artsy cover and a puristic, white cassette. As usual the Nuremberg label features tracks from themselves and friends. On board are Me Succeeds, Christoff Riedel, Carlesy, Allie, [ ], Bambi Davidson, An Elm, Philipp Roth, Magic Meru, Soft Grid, Red On, Lorin Strohm, Edna X, Stadt aus Draht, Vincent von Flieger and William Black. Some of them share originals, while others remixed tracks. In the end Verydeeprecords offers a nice range of sounds from bass music, songwriter stuff and experimental techno with their „Three years of Verydeeprecords [3YRSVDR]“ package.

„Overbooking“ by Me Succeeds is the opening track and has a very strong intro with bleeping percussions and heavily shifted choirs to build up on. Slowly bouncing kicks and sparse percussions are a nice bed for the super lovely vocals that cuddle in there. A highly addictive mixture of futuristic sounds and a singer and songwriter like feeling is the result. The second track was produced by Christoff Riedel and is called „Flowers“. Heavenly strings and soft pads are the foundation where all the other sounds are standing on. Nicely filtered drum sounds and long lasting pads with quite a bit of reverb extend the track and give it a fluffy feel all along. Carlesy took care of „Sword“, the third track. Dark, industrial sounds in the beginning are accompanied by shuffled drums and modern pads. The string on the other side sounds old fashioned and gives a nice contrast. Some horns and light sounds function extraordinary in this slow tune. „Rose Hips“ by Allie brings some diversity to the compilation for the first time. A nice guitar loop, some noise and a dirty mix somehow support the vocals in a very special way. With „Untitled“ by [ ] we are experiencing an experimental attempt towards techno. It was recorded live at a We Are 138 party and is an excerpt from a live set. Mid-tempo techno madness with lots of reverb, echoes, delays and clean structured sounds. Lots of space is made for every single sound to shine a light and although it is not much happening you can easily forget about time while listening. The sixth track is a remix by Philipp Roth for Bambi Davidson’s „Foxhunting“. Long lasting sounds can be found in the background to fill up the arrangement every now and then. The drums are a bit shy, which perfectly fits the sound layers in the foreground. All drums sound very organic and raw and as soon as the bassline strikes you understand the soft drums even more. Dreamy percussions and heavy synths work nicely in the build up which has a certain post-rock feeling. „Exit“ by An Elm follows up and has an agile synthline that flows from left to right and goes from loud to  quiet. All the other sounds are placed in the background or around the lead synth that slowly fades and introduces a really nice drum set. After An Elm, Magic Meru and Christoff Riedel’s „Untitled III“ takes turn. Dark and melancholic sounds are knitted into the dirty background sounds. Bleeps on top and then out of nothing acid lines pop up, synths generate tension and turn this tune around in great style. This sounds big, this could be an anthem! „Minus Planet“ by Soft Grid, in the remixed version from Red On serves bleeps with lots of delays, which can also be found on the percussions. A slowly evolving string makes his way into the track with a spacious feel as well as some softly whispering vocals. This track is a great ambient work throughout highlighting the vocals as rhythmical components and also building a wave with endless sound layers that rises and breaks down in the end segment of this remix. „Meanwhile“ an original by Magic Meru offers some nice motion and emotion. Endless reverbs, dreamy chords, pads and strings accompanied by a simple, yet powerful kick and soft percussions end up in a romantic bass track. „Sally Ride Talking“ by Lorin Strohm is a beautiful track, plain and simple. Soft pads and short chord hits play with a great bassline and smooth percussions to end up in a lovely house affair. So melodical, so classic and at the same time contemporary. Pure Joy! „Seven“ by Edna X is the twelfth track on the „3YRSVDR“ compilation. Raw drums with a lot of punch in contrast to the dreamful pads that float in a lovely rhythm start things out. The raw and oversteering synth that comes in is interesting, but a bit too heavy. We will stick to the intro and outro of the track and loop those parts as they are extraordinary. Number thirteen is called „Carpet Eastern Dark“ and is a track by Bambi Davidson. The excellent and funk spiced guitar riff really twists your mind. The mystical vocal is a great addition and fits the shifted sounds perfectly. Is this experimental funk? If it is, why isn’t there more of it? So cheesy, so good! „Südgipfel“ by Stadt aus Draht calms things down a bit with his slowly evolving and nicely modelled pad. Although the track doesn’t offer a drum set you can clearly feel the rhythm and sense the groove on this one. Mysterious sounds and delayed guitars make you feel like the wind is blowing around you while standing on a mountain. The sun is shining and you can see for miles. „Südgipfel“ really is the perfect name for this track. It’s not just music, it’s almost like experiencing nature, while sitting in front of your tape deck or computer. „Echo“ by Vincent von Flieger in the William Black remix is the final track and the name says it all. Echoes, delays, reverbs and everything that spreads or widens sounds is used here on almost every single track. Melancholic music all the way and the wonderful thing is that even the remix sounds like an original by Vincent von Flieger. With the „3YRSVDR“ compilation the Verydeeprecords label perfectly showcase the imprint’s sound, which ranges from singer and songwritter stuff to puristic techno and all the genres in between. Describing it in three words, as it is their third birthday, is easy: delays, reverbs and echoes.

marko m.

Hey I'm Marko, a passionate vinyl collector, music addict and journalism student from Nuremberg. I began playing records in 2008,when I was 18 years old and I'm studying journalism for a few years now. I'm really passionate about house, techno, hip hop and streetwear and finally wanted to combine those things. So from now on I try to serve you reviews, picks, interviews and much more about the things I love. All the best.
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