Review: Tilman – Back to the People – Fine


With the second release Tilman, one half of the team behind Fine, takes over. No artwork, just a simple stamp and great music. There’s nothing that distracts you from the thing that counts: the music. Tilman crafted 4 superb house cuts that offer some neat sampling, downtempo, deepness and an old school feeling. In the end four very warm and soulful tracks made their way onto the „Back to the People“ EP. Positive music for the dark and cold winter period.

„People moving out“, a clear structured and deep cut opens Tilman’s „Back to the people“ EP as the a1. An agile string meets fluffy pads and an organic bassline. A very dreamy piece of music with crisp claps, lots of delay and echoes every here and there. Progressing chords on top and the great vocal spread some soul on the powerful foundation. „People moving out“ is a nice house anthem with superbly edited string and pad sounds that deliver a decent amount of warmth. The second track is called „Strings in heaven“ and what you see is what you get, everlasting strings that sound like heaven shift from the fore- to the background constantly. A punchy kick and some subtle kicks in between the regular arrangement add a heavy bounce. The energetic drum sounds on top fit in with style and generate a nice vibe. Tilman sticks to the few signature sounds on this one and creates variety through tuning them instead of introducing new sounds over and over again, it’s just perfect simplicity. On the flip-side „Way back“ takes turns, great use of samples as usual for Tilman, if you want more of this check out his edits on Soundcloud. But back to business, the first of two tracks on the b-side comes with a nice disco sample in the backdrop. Beautiful chords support the sample in a delightful way and as soon as the vocal drops in you definitely get that old school house and hip hop feeling, but it doesn’t sound boring at all. It’s refreshing and nicely done, it’s not too cheesy at all. Every part plays his role perfectly, blissful sample house with a hint of disco it is. „Egypt“ the last track is a nice down or mid tempo house track with a funky guitar loop and slightly off beat drum sounds. The result is a very organic and classic touch that fits the other sounds quite well. The shuffled pad that is pitched up and down connects perfectly to the choir vocal snippets. A very complex melody with lots of different layers sounds flawless downright. Extremely soulful music that gives you goosebumps while nodding to the beat for sure. This EP offers all the things a true house lover could ask for. Classy!

marko m.

Hey I'm Marko, a passionate vinyl collector, music addict and journalism student from Nuremberg. I began playing records in 2008,when I was 18 years old and I'm studying journalism for a few years now. I'm really passionate about house, techno, hip hop and streetwear and finally wanted to combine those things. So from now on I try to serve you reviews, picks, interviews and much more about the things I love. All the best.
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