Review: Thomas Stieler – Well Justified EP (incl. Daniel Stefanik Remix) – Polynom


Thomas Stieler, who is now located in Munich, comes back to Polynom adding his third release to the labels catalogue after great releases and remixes on labels like Foul & Sunk, Avida, Lofile and many more. The deep & tech house lover once again exhibits his very own idea of contemporary club music with this 12 inch three tracker including a remix by Daniel Stefanik.

„Well Justified“ mainly lives from the vibe of an old dub sample which got flipped in a distinct way. Small sounds extended with heavy use of echoes and delay support the wideness and fabricate a nice sound layer throughout the whole tune. Crisp drum programming gives some extra boost, while the pads offer highly atmospheric feelings on the opening track. Powerful kicks and a compressed bassline force pressure in the lower areas. Combined with the snappy, chorus powered hi-hats a massive groove arises. This one will fit in every set with its calm, yet powerful arrangement. Daniel Stefaniks remix of „Well justified“ adds dreamy layers and smooth vocal samples to the original. More synthetic sounds are used and the whole arrangement offers more variations, to create a more playful version that pays tribute to the original. Strings are floating around, the bassline offers more bounce and the whole track feels a bit more emotional. Daniel takes us to his very own dreamworld with the remix which has a lot of breaks that add even more emotionality to this piece of art with child vocals towards the end to serve a special twist. In conclusion you could say that this interpretation is more experimental, but not less functional on the dancefloor. „Stray Thougths“ closes the b-side and the record as well. The drum programming on this one is great in its complexity and shows the deeper side of Thomas Stieler’s sound range. Dub sounds pop up in between the drums, a vocal delightfully whispers „go“ in your ear and tells you in which direction the track will go. A lot of smooth layers flutter around, gentle chords support the groove and at the same time hold back. Percussions in the breaks add more variety to the mix and support the calmer parts of „Stray Thoughts“ and make this a lovely slow motion rollercoaster ride through the universe. While listening to this track you’ll definitely lose your sense of time, which makes it even more sad when this well balanced EP comes to an end.

Thomas Stieler – Well Justified EP (incl. Daniel Stefanik Remix) by Polynom Records

The seventh one is now ready to unfold its sound. Our fourth odd number has been sleeping the sleep of the just, dreaming sweet dreams and losing itself in the sea of senses. Well – now that it’s wide awake, it wants to amaze, to thrill, to capture you and set you free again.

marko m.

Hey I'm Marko, a passionate vinyl collector, music addict and journalism student from Nuremberg. I began playing records in 2008,when I was 18 years old and I'm studying journalism for a few years now. I'm really passionate about house, techno, hip hop and streetwear and finally wanted to combine those things. So from now on I try to serve you reviews, picks, interviews and much more about the things I love. All the best.
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