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Skipson is back, finally. The wait is over and it was worth it though. After several releases on Deep Vibes, Quintessentials, Maria Colors, Raum…Musik and many other labels, the Berlin based house head is back in the game. With his new „Plastek EP“ he created the content for DreamAwake Records‘ first vinyl release. As usual Skipson is doing some serious things with his very unique house sound that is heavily influenced by hip hop. Chopped samples get mashed up with cozy vibes. Three originals and a remix by Edward made it onto the record in the end. Superb house music with Skip’s signature sound on twelve inch again. Don’t call it a comeback!

„Nopkin“ is the first track on the „Plastek EP“ by Skipson. An harmonic string opens things up, shortly followed by a shuffled vocal that has a nice effect that somehow sounds like it was recorded under water. The bassline is bouncing and the drums are rolling effortlessly, small guitar snippets are embedded in the background to fill up some space. The funky pad fits in smoothly and offers a nice contrast in the lower mid-frequencies. The agile drum arrangement has a nice swing and great percussion elements. Superb hip house with a complex and funky drum set, plus extremely good breaks with lots of toying around on the vocal tracks and much more if you listen closely. „Coolood“, the second track on the a-side  starts out with an endless string and panpipes if we are not mistaking. The kicks are on point, like all the drum sounds. They are organic without being too raw. The clap adds some serious energy to the arrangement, the softer kicks in between are dynamic and clean as well. Great work on the vocals which are chopped and pitched nicely. They are used as a rhythmical layer. A thing Skipson often does. Much work was put in the breaks, they aren’t simply breaks that somehow only remove single sound tracks. They stand out with their mythic and well balanced vibe. Often they are very short, but still effective. The arrangement is sophisticated and has nothing to do with the average house pattern. „Thike“ opens the b-side with a solid pad loop in the back that is pitched up and down. Short vocal snippets come in, all of them are edited differently and harmonize lovely. A bit of delay here, some reverb there and some fine tuning and there it is. A nice section that sounds pretty smooth and dynamic. The mid-tempo fits the vibe of the track perfectly. Mellow house music at its best. The „Nopkin“ remix by Edward closes the „Plastek EP“ in great style. Industrial sounds and a slowly moving string / pad combination in the background turn this track around. The shuffled vocal makes his way into the remix almost unedited which is great and pays tribute to the original in great style. The hip hop influences displayed in the drums are still recognizable and sound great in this new context. All the single tracks sound a bit cleaner and more modern in contrast to the original. A very sensitive re-interpretation by Edward who brings in his own style and combines it with certain parts from Skipson. This is simply beautiful house music which has a more futuristic take than the original. DreamAwake Records‘ first vinyl really is a tidy package. Three sublime originals by Skipson who finally is back and a futuristic remix by Edward. Terrific four tracks and a great start for DreamAwake.

marko m.

Hey I'm Marko, a passionate vinyl collector, music addict and journalism student from Nuremberg. I began playing records in 2008,when I was 18 years old and I'm studying journalism for a few years now. I'm really passionate about house, techno, hip hop and streetwear and finally wanted to combine those things. So from now on I try to serve you reviews, picks, interviews and much more about the things I love. All the best.
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