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Review: Johannes Albert – Plus 1 – Frank Music


Frank Music celebrates its 25th release. Johannes Albert’s music imprint utilizes the summer break to release a nice mini sampler so to say. Plus 1 focuses on collaborative works. For this release, Johannes Albert produced some fine house with artists like Mr. Fonk and D.Y.A. The main track Turbo Basmati once again delivers one of the best track titles to date and also got remixed by his good friend and house stable Iron Curtis. The common theme of the release is fluffy and uplifting house with lots of pianos to match the summer vibes. It’s not just hot outside, it’s also hot music that can be found on release number 25 from the Franconian label.

Johannes Albert – Turbo Basmati

Smashing kicks and powerful synths introduce you to the hypnotic power of the track right away. The eighties touch is undeniable, but also undeniably good. Smooth and elegant sounds that stay clean throughout build a solid contrast to the organic drum and percussion sounds. Similarities with tracks from the Knight Rider soundtrack are clearly recognizable and deliver a superb ride while the sun is slowly setting. The dreamy, yet grooving sounds perfectly match any dance floor and will encourage the dancers to go nuts. Another hypnotic banger from Frank Music’s very own.

Johannes Albert – Turbo Basmati (Iron Curtis Thermo Mix)

Iron Curtis‘ take on Frank Music’s head honcho’s original turns it around in great fashion while sticking to the power and energetic approach of the track. The kicks even feature more directness, while the rest of the drum and percussion sounds are finding their place in the background. They let the playful melody stand right in the limelight and the piano is rightly placed there. Agile and diverse with that dreamy touch from the original. Iron’s remix clearly adds a lot of delayed and reverbed layers to the arrangement that makes it less direct, but more exciting at the same time. Johannes‘ original is stripped down to its core, to the essence. Hypnotic and driving parts that perfectly work together and find their balance in this interpretation.

Johannes Albert & Mr. Fonk – Karen’s Piano

On Karen’s Piano two disco enthusiast collaborated. Mr. Fonk from Smile for a while shares Johannes‘ love for disco music and that’s where their track is rooted in. Organic drums, loose kicks, and a strong synth line dictate the leading feeling. Soulful vocals on top that perfectly float above power chords do the rest. The bongos and other drum elements fill the gaps with ease and deliver a laid-back groove. The arrangement offers some nice parts with slow build-ups and breaks that smoothly match the tracks aesthetic. That’s just a very enjoyable track with disco elements and great sampling. Joy, joy, joy!

Johannes Albert & D.Y.A – Floating Dub

Dub somehow is a genre we didn’t connect with Johannes in the first place, although we know he also drops some tracks out of this field in his DJ sets. This time his partner in crime is D.Y.A and it just works out quite well. The drums are slammin‘. Extremely energetic percussion elements lumber in the deep frequencies and offer a solid foundation due to a nice interplay of delays and filters. On top, the warm and soft vocal build the perfect contrast to level things out and make this track, not just another trashy dub take. For us, this isn’t a dub techno track, but it’s not a house track as well. It’s hard to put this one in a box. It just features so many different styles and unifies them. Out of this combination comes something new, but still familiar. It’s something different. It’s something good.

Johannes Albert – Turbo Basmati (Iron Curtis Vorwerk Drums)

This simply is the drum foundation of Iron’s remix. Powerful and grooving. Put some vocals on it and rock the party. Sounds easy, is easy!

Johannes Albert – Turbo Beat

Oh, surprise surprise. It’s a beat track again. Repeat what we’ve said before. Run a nice vocal loop on top and create your own basmati experience. Every chef uses different recipes and sometimes they simply change some ingredients. Here you have the foundation, be creative and create your own Frank Music inspired tune!

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