Review: Moony Me – Contemplatin‘ EP – Klamauk


The „Contemplatin‘ EP“ by Moony Me marks the ninth release by  Mainz based imprint Klamauk. As the labels sound is strongly connected with a warm and housey attempt towards club music this EP fits perfectly in their catalogue. Three original tracks by Vienna’s very own Moony Me and a nicely done remix by Iron Curtis offer a smooth package for every dj and collector as well. Moony Me himself is quite busy at the moment. After releasing his music on labels like Uncanny Valley, Sex Panda White, Rose Records and many more, he now handles his Secret Crunch label together with the also known Roman Rauch. With his „Contemplatin‘ EP“ on Klamauk he once again shows his love for warm sounding, soulful house music and the joy he has toying around with samples. Crunchy house music is the final good that comes out after the production process and that’s just the way it is.

„City of Storms“ is the first of four tracks and comes with a nicely pitched string and melancholic sounding vocal snippets. Organic hi-hats on top and a crisp kick build a more than solid foundation for the sound layers above. More than surprisingly there’s a nice acid line that makes his way into the track quickly and turns it around in a nice manner. The warm sounding samples and vocals perfectly harmonize with the bleeping chord hits and the raw acid influences. It just has a very distinct sound and the ability to connect a warm-up set with the peak time in great fashion. The Second Track on the a-side is Iron Curtis‘ Remix of „City of Storms“ and he perfectly flips the vocal, but still keeps the vibe from the original. The kick has a bit more punch and the sound is more modern in all. The bassline has a great movement and transports a lot of energy. The fast floating string is filtered nicely and disappears to make room for a spacey chord that really stands out with lots of power. The remix in all is a more modern, almost futuristic interpretation of the original by Moony Me, without losing the bottom line. Great to see what different artists are capable to do with the same material. While the original is a warm sounding track that can end the warm-up and start the peak time, Iron Curtis transports „City of Storms“ into the eye of the storm. Pure madness and again Iron Curtis shows his great feeling for contemporary house music. On the flip side things get started with „Puzzle Shuffle“, a superb name for a track at least that’s what we think. Old school chords meet rough sounding samples and wooden percussions to guarantee the old school feeling throughout. The drum arrangement is very complex and agile, as well as the nice variations included in this track. So it exactly sounds like a puzzle, there’s so much going on and plenty to discover. Some sounds leave, some sounds are introduced and then everything starts from the beginning. It’s almost a bit too much going on to get lost in this track, but at the same time it’s quite entertaining with all those different segments. „Glass Jungle Chant“ closes the vinyl EP, there’s a digital bonus track called „What Are You Tryin‘ To Tell Me With Those Moves“, but we will only review the vinyl version and leave some excitement. Describing the track is hard and easy at the same time, the track title says it all to be fair. While listening to „Glass Jungle Chant“ you simply feel like you’re walking around in the jungle. A swirling bassline, extremely dynamic percussions and dreamful sounds accompanied by some serious bongos and there it is: Your date with snakes and monkeys surrounded by high trees, vines and a lot of heat. That’s just a very exotic trip, that’s why we will end here and grab a banana beer or whatever you drink while enjoying the jungle.

marko m.

Hey I'm Marko, a passionate vinyl collector, music addict and journalism student from Nuremberg. I began playing records in 2008,when I was 18 years old and I'm studying journalism for a few years now. I'm really passionate about house, techno, hip hop and streetwear and finally wanted to combine those things. So from now on I try to serve you reviews, picks, interviews and much more about the things I love. All the best.
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