Review: Brenk Sinatra – Midnite Ride – Hector Marcello


Brenk Sinatra strikes back with his highly anticipated „Midnite Ride“ LP. Vienna based Branko Jordanovic once again proves his talent for coherent sounding beats. After releases like „Gumbo“, „Gumbo 2: Pretty Ugly“, „Hi-Hat Club (Vol. 4): Chop Shop“ and „Singende Klingende Unterwelt“ he created another record you love to hear from the beginning straight to the end. That his sound is on point reached out to old school heroes like DJ Premier and MC Eiht. Last-named collaborated with Brenk on his new album and both already dropped the „Compton 2 Vienna Vol. 1“ mixtape and the „Keep it Hood“ EP.

„Midnite Ride“ is not simply an album that features the best productions that were done by Brenk recently, it’s a soundtrack. This album tells a story with room for your own interpretation, it accentuates your cruise. It’s not important if you’re driving through Los Angeles, Berlin, Vienna or every other city. It will provide you coziness, it brings you down without lighting a blunt – which would be a problem driving through Germany anyways – and it’s not important if you see the sunset with palm trees or birches and a rabbit on the field out of your cars window. This could have been the LP André 3000 and Big Boi could’ve listened to while sitting in the studio writing „Two Dope Boys (In A Cadillac)“ at least that’s what came to my mind while listening to this piece of art. The smooth tracks slow you down, so don’t worry if you’re not owning a cadillac or low rider and still cruise through your village with that old ass Ford Fiesta. Brenk takes you on a trip with no hurry, everything is slowed down and lets you breath deeply. Its pleasently calm, no party beats, no experiments. The LP as a whole is the experiment which went down fantastic. I didn’t find a single production that fits my taste more than the others, there’s not the one track everyone will talk about. You only have the chance to experience the idea Brenk Sinatra followed when you listen to the whole album. Not a single track stands out in terms of quality. Every beat is on the same level, providing nothing but perfection in different ways. Wide strings, lovely drums and perfectly fitting vocals can be found everywhere. Branko simply shows you how to convert an idea and bring it to outstanding quality. I’m listening to this release as often as Brenk already predicted on his „Gumbo 2: Pretty Ugly“, it’s an „Every Day Scenario“.

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