Base Pilot - Life Is Rhythm EP - Neighbour Recordings

Review: Base Pilot – Life Is Rhythm EP – Neighbour Recordings


Base Pilot is a newly found collaborative project by Quantec and Birke TM. They not just share the passion for music, but also a long-lasting friendship and finally combined these two things. With their Life Is Rhythm EP on their own Neighbour Recordings imprint both start into a new chapter. Quantec should be a name for most of us, due to his almost endless stream of quality dub techno releases on labels like Echocord, Styrax, Silent Season and more. Birke TM also is a true music aficionado and produces beats for many years. A superb EP on London’s very own Feelharmonic Records marked his debut. Under Base Pilot, they join forces and craft everything they like. From deep house cuts to stomping dub techno. Everything is possible. With their first release as partners, they deliver a smooth package of four original tracks from the before mentioned fields of club music. This mixture of dub, house and hip-hop clearly unifies the influences of both artists and leads to a unique EP that is not missing any remix.

Base Pilot – Identify

Identify starts with rushing pads and loud chords to immediately catch the listeners attention. Agility that gets some massive support in the lower frequencies by the kick drum and rattling bass line. In combination with the sighing and direct drum sounds it gains a nice power that elegantly floats along while the vocal requests you to approach and identify. Due to this mixture of elements you immediately get a housey feeling. The delays are on point, as well as the noise coming from the background. Cleverly placed strings offer some variation and underline the mysterious feeling this track brings to life.

Base Pilot – Ghosts

Ghosts keeps the mysterious pattern alive but turns things around easily. Powerful kicks with relaxed pads aim towards deepness with full force. The reverb offers some extra depth and width on the percussion sounds and perfectly harmonizes with the organic clap. The delicate vocals are placed in the right spots and add that X factor. Clearly residing in a kind of after hour sound Ghosts relies on the serious bounce and dreamily energy it generates. Also, it sticks to the unsolved story which began in the first track.

Base Pilot – Life Is Rhythm

The third track is the title track and starts with beautifully shaped strings that trigger just the right amount of reverb. Some undefinable sounds splash into the elegance and add some character. The wooden drums with a bit of attack match the cosmic pads perfectly and connect space and earth it seems. Lots of tiny elements work together with ease and gain some length due to a nice use of delay. Again the warmth of house and the shadowy mood of dub find a solid foundation to work on. Cryptic sounds and absurd vocoder spoiled lyrics are weaved into the thick net of sounds. The arrangement lets the vocals shine and find their place in the limelight. They somehow add a nice twist to the track while still being serious to the core and outstandingly good.

Base Pilot – On The Early

Simply sounding like an outer space sunrise On The Early has a huge spectrum of sounds and patterns. Whilst the drums remain steady on the other three originals on this one they are offering a huge pallet. It sounds like children playing in the garden. Sometimes energetic and noisy. Moments later calm and almost invisible. This interplay generates highlights over and over again. It lets room for the everlasting string that softly glides through the track, as well as for the tiny sound bytes and pads. This agility and tension makes this track an eminent part of Base Pilot’s debut EP and also closes it perfectly.

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