Review: Baaz – Two (For You) EP – Office Recordings


After Office Recordings 10th release by Iron Curtis and his „Maple EP“ Baaz is back on his own Imprint. Office Recordings 11th release, again, shows a very different side. The Berlin based dj and producer showed his broad musical taste throughout recent releases. Dub techno under his Eric Miller moniker. Sharp house sounds on the latest Idealistmusic. Techno on this very record we are reviewing. The sound ranges from dub techno to ambient and into playful techno. Another side added, another one which is way above average.

„Ween Been“ is the first track on Baaz’s newest release. The Office Recordings 11th release takes a slight turn into techno fields. „Ween Been“ sounds very dark and compressed from the very start. Solid kicks and a slightly dancing bassline are the foundation for a very organic clap with a small amount of chorus. The extremely subtle synth layer in the back fills all the spaces with a strong and almost mumbling sound. The simple, but agile percussions and drum sounds add a nice vibe to it and at the same time build a bridge to house music with their brighter and lighter appeal. Short string variations and vocals come in and that’s it. A minimalistic track somewhere between house and dub techno. „Absent“ is the name of the second track on the a-side. A lovely ambient piece with dreamful percussions. The synths are raw and heavy, the vocal is melancholic. A very mysterious vibe is the outcome of this composition. Reserved drum sounds are added to the loop later on and bring some excitement into this beauty. A very trippy piece of music. „The Friend“ is the first track if you flip the record onto the b-side. An extremely damped bassline rushes through the lower frequencies and works some magic with the static string which fills up the mid tones. Great percussions with a very unique sound perfectly transmit a vibe the immediately create when the short synth stabs come in. A very laidback, but dark vibe is the essence of the track. The track almost soaks you in and you can’t get away. The good thing is, you don’t want to get away anyways. Pure bliss and so uncommon for Baaz soundwise. „Two (For You)“ the title track closes this gorgeous EP effortlessly. Nicely filtered drum sounds set a mild tone, where extravagant sounds feel more than comfortable. Very fine vocals are almost unhearable and still leveled perfectly. Some small synth sounds that somehow have a touch of electronica are wonderful melodies that do so much for this song as a whole. There’s not much more to say about this wonderful last track. It’s just pure class and a very dream- and playful attempt. This song connects dots between house, electronica, modern pop and ambient in an undeniable way. Kudos!

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