Review: Porter – Elevate – Rubisco


Porter finally released his „Elevate EP“ on Rubisco. Rubisco is the freshly found label run by Nick Beringer. After a neat bunch of releases, Nick finally launched his own imprint. The Berlin based house-head made the next step after releasing on various labels before. After the first output by himself, it is now Porter’s time to shine. Sounds cheesy, sounds good.  With his „Elevate EP“, Porter showcases three strong house cuts that feature all the goods a tidy house EP has to offer. Powerful drums, solid pads, exquisite strings and a beautiful atmosphere. Let’s just get into the details.

„Flous“ on the A1 starts with heavy hitting kick drums and sharp snares. The involved percussions offer a neat balance between energetic functionality and organic cosiness. The recognisable influences from the fields of raw house or even lo-fi match the sound superbly. The rough little breaks are doing the trick but could have been a bit longer. The nineties aesthetics are perfectly integrated and perfectly fit the soft pad sounds. Lots of contrasts. Lots of excitement. „Caprice“, the first track on the b-side, comes in with filtered kicks and nicely filtered pads floating around. The raw charm coming from the bassline delivers the extravaganza. The drum set is very functional and clean on this one but surely works extraordinarily good with the moving string. There are a lot of evolving sounds that slowly fade out after a while. Due to this playful arrangement, the track has a splendid calmness and never loses his mysterious appeal. Last but not least „Spacey Kevin“ closes out the b-side and the record in total. Bleeping sounds, filtered and delayed tom-toms somehow generate a spacey vibe. (Surprise!) Every Kevin in the world would have noticed this, but back to the review. The feeling on this tune is extremely special and really reaches deep. Perfect vibes for a laid-back couch session, warm-up sets and open airs. Fortunately, it is summer, you can play it in winter as well. It’s not a seasonal track. Just to mediate some possibilities. „Spacey Kevin“ has a stupid name but is by far the best track on this overall very well done debut EP by Porter. We are waiting for more from this lad as he showed some great talent on the „Elevate EP“. Thumbs up!

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