Interview: Roman Rauch – „I just didn’t want to put together 10 house tracks and call it an album“


Roman Rauch is a fanatic cyclist based in Vienna. Besides his love for spinning wheels he as well loves to watch the vinyl spin on turntables. We talked with Roman about his tour through Asia, his Hometown Vienna and how his album came together. We also had a quick chat about his love for Tokyo and upcoming projects. Plus Roman took care of Ohrenschmaus Podcast #036 which can be found beneath.

Hey Roman, thanks for your time. What’ve you been up to in the last couple of days?

Recently simply adapting to the winter here in Austria as I just came back from Bangkok, which was basically a temperature drop from 40 to around 0 degrees. So most of my activities were more indoor orientated. But its not too bad since I need to catch up with production and the paperwork anyways.

Lately you’ve played a small tour through Asia. Where have you been and how were your gigs?

It was great! Such an amazing experience. I started off in Osaka with two gigs, then headed to Tokyo for a gig and afterwards to Bangkok for a gig and some spontaneous sessions. It was a great experience, specially since it was my first time in Osaka and Bangkok. Also the fact that I was able to take my girlfriend with me and we could squeeze in a couple of days at the beach in Thailand made it much more special. All in all a very unique trip for me.

As you told me in a quick chat we had before, you love Tokyo. What in particular makes Tokyo so special for you?

I simply love Tokyo. It’s just a magic place. It seems to be so chaotic and then so well structured at the same time. It’s also so futuristic and so retro at the same time, it’s hard to describe. Also the opportunity to get lost while shopping records there with all the specialized shops is simply amazing. Plus everything feels so safe and tidy and the craftsmanship they put into every small detail. It’s pure magic to me.

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Talking of special things, some time ago you released your mini album on Klamauk. Was it a challenge to compile tracks for the record or did everything flow together naturally?

It was a bit of both sides. On the one hand it was challenging, but on the other hand thing came together naturally.  The fact that Klamauk gave me total freedom in what I wanted to do made it definitely much nicer to work on.

Was there a certain idea for your LP and if so, what was it?

Well, to me an album has to work out at home and also in the club. Also I think it’s quiet nice if you can listen to an album from the start to the end, without the need to skip tracks. It probably comes from my youth, growing up with loads of mix tapes and the good hip hop stuff from the golden era. So I just didn’t want to put together 10 house tracks and call it an album. I wanted it to be diverse but coherent too.

When it comes to making tracks, do you have an idea or concept for your sound or tracks and what are you influenced by?

I don’t have that one strategy when I start a track. Sometimes I stumble across a nice sample, chop it up and work around it or just make a beat on the MPC and then take it from there or just a melody that I come up with. I try to avoid having the same workflow over and over again.

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We already talked about Tokyo, your residing in Vienna at the moment. What’s so special about the city and do you have any tips for visitors?

Vienna has so much to offer. I’m glad I can call it my home base. It’s just the right place for me with around 2 million residents. It doesn’t feel to big for me. Also the vibe is very laid back and the costs of living are still affordable. There’s so much stuff abut Vienna: the architecture, the river Danube, where you can easily go in summer for a swim. Also the hills on the other side, which are a great playground for cyclists and of course you can enjoy some delicious wine from the local vineyards. There are so many nice places to go in Vienna, it would probably make this interview 5 pages long.

With your „Spritzwein Sessions“ party you are now contributing to the cultural variety in Vienna as well. Could you tell us something about the idea behind the party and who’s responsible for it besides yourself?

The basic idea was to create a nice monthly party and invite some DJs we like and admire. We are able to do this at the Sass Club, which is a small club in a basement with a good sound system and an  intimate vibe. It is run by our Manifest collective, which consists of Marie, who is responsible for our graphic identity and Fabe, Nesta, Maaki and me as the DJs. Nico and me are also taking care about the administrative side like handling the bookings and so on.

Thanks for the interview Roman. Finally, what can we expect from you in the next couple of months? Is anything finished or planned so far?

Loads of stuff is in the making. My contribution to the new sampler on Faces Records will be out soonish. On top of that also a collaborative track I did quiet a while ago with Blunted Monkz will be out on Big Bait anytime soon. Then some more stuff on the young label Vicario Music is in the pipeline. Plus some remixes for the likes of Soulparlor, Son of Sound and Oliver Bernstein, which I did together with the talented Moony Me. And of course a 12” is planned , but I don’t want to spoil the fun too much now.


Ohrenschmaus Podcast #036 – Roman Rauch by Ohrenschmaus Podcast

Roman Rauch opens 2016 for our small podcast series, combining disco, hip hop, electro funk and much more. While he is well known for his house tracks, he already showed his talent for downtempo and hip hop beats on his mini album „Heliocentric“ on Klamauk.

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Ohrenschmaus Podcast #036 – Roman Rauch
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