Interview: Marbod – „Producing music primarily for the dance floor would quickly weaken my will and enthusiasm.“


We finally managed to get in touch with Marbod to talk about his musical upbringing, what impact hip hop had in his musical growth, what it’s like to run a label and what drinks he’s into at the moment. Dirk Puchta really is a jack of all trades. He’s not only producing house and techno under his Marbod moniker, but also running the neat Lofile Records imprint and his own cafe Filterhouse, located at Graefekiez in Berlin. Pretty much to do, but still Dirk might be one of the loveliest, funniest and cheerful perons you’ll probably meet. On top he’s producing and playing great music, his food and coffee is delicious as well. Almost too good to be true.

How did you came up with the name Marbod?

It is the forename of my grandpa, his full name was Marbod Julius Wilhelm Krohm.

Speaking about your background, can you tell us a thing or two about how and where you grew up?

I was born in Wippra and protectedly grew up as a child in Wirsberg, which is located in Upper Franconia. It’s the rural district of Kulmbach, the secret metropolis of beer.

As we now know you have a strong connection with beer, but you have an intense history with hip hop as well, how did that come?

Hip hop came into my life in 1996, but it wasn’t the German hip hop which was very popular in my clique at that time. I was often bored by that stuff, I was much more affected by labels like Rawkus, Def Jam, Death Row, Ruff Ryders and of course Stones Throw. A huge reason for this development was a friend of mine with whom I skated back then and also Ties from the Coast2Coast record store in Bayreuth. I went to the shop every Thursday and Friday and spent all my pocket money. But I also listened to punk, wave and krautrock music with the same dedication at that time.

Was there a connection that got you from hip hop to house or how did you get in touch with the music in the first place?

My portal to house music wasn’t hip hop at all. My love for house came with wave and from my brother’s house and techno collection. Because of hip hop I started to dj when I was 16 and also began to collect records, so there are some similarities, but my interest for club music mostly came across because of my older brother’s collection.

How did you take your first steps with house or club music in general?

I went to Tresor with my older cousin once and that really impressed me and left a huge mark on me. As well as some nights at the old WMF club hooked me instantly.

With Lofile Records you quickly founded your own label, was it always a dream of yours?

To run my own label was an idea that popped up very soon. I always wanted to do that with all the ups and downs, pros and cons.

What’s the idea behind the label or the reason you run it?

The main idea behind the imprint is to somehow spread the philosophy behind my music and music I love. I really hope that I can reach out to humans through this and spread some joy and touch them emotionally.

Could you point out certain advantages of having a label and the struggle that comes with it as well?

You have the opportunity to do things exactly the way you want it to be. You can do it from the bottom of your heart and transport your very unique idea through the label. With such a small label you shouldn’t be too hard with yourself. Simply let loose and let it flow, everything else will turn out as a nightmare.

What can we expect next on Lofile?

There’s an EP by Omar Santis from Stockholm which is already in the pipeline and another EP from myself is scheduled as well. Furthermore we are working on an EP by the so far unknown Ten Bells Ego and of course there are some other projects we try to realize with the label. Which not only takes care of music as a small hint, so stay curious and tuned.

You used the label to release tracks by yourself as well, for how long are you producing music already?

That went hand in hand, I started producing music when I started playing records. I’m doing it for about 16 years already.

Are their similarities between the music you produce and the music you play as a dj?

I try to stay open minded on both topics to be honest. I don’t follow any plan or idea, I simply go with the flow and sometimes I’m quite surprised where the journey ends in the studio, as well as in the club. (laughs)

Do you always mind the dance floor while producing music or is it all about a vibe or feeling that needs to be expressed?

I’m not too eager and simply float along. Producing music primarily for the dance floor would quickly weaken my will and enthusiasm. Of course I’m happy when there’s a track that really moves the crowd from myself, but that’s not my main target and it doesn’t happen that often. (laughs)

When there’s a track that perfectly describes the emotions you want to transport while playing which one would it be?

That’s easy to answer: „The Wings – Let ‚Em In“

Since you’re running Filterhouse, a neat coffee bar that also serves delicious drinks and food, what’s easier? Brewing lovely coffee or creating danceable house?

Both things are equally hard I must say. (laughs)

What’s your favourite drink during the day and what do you enjoy while having a night out?

Six espressos during the day and a neat negroni in the evening or at night.

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