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FUEL – Basco [Ashore]


Basco from Ashore is not just a person that shares the enthusiasm for blogging with us. He also is a like-minded person speaking of his musical taste. Besides his love for elegant house and deep techno he also is deeply rooted in hip-hop and rap with all its influences, sample sources and everything else. For Basco golden era beats and modern, more pop related beats are no contradiction. He cherishes both equally and simply integrates a ridiculous amount of different styles and genres into his musical world. This openness and love for music truly follow our ideas and beliefs. You can hear this unique approach in our 16th Hip Hop Selection where he perfectly displayed his skills and talented ear. This list of favourites, however, is pretty much shaped through his brother’s influences. This list consists of selected works Basco was introduced to by his eight years older brother. Nowadays it is the other way around. Sascha forwards new music to his brother and tells him about readworthy literature. Although his brother isn’t an avid reader. What hasn’t changed over the last years is the importance of his brother’s hints and lead. Something we should all be thankful for.


Favourite book: Selim Özdogan – Nirgendwo & Hormone

I think I own almost every book by Selim Özdogan except one or two maybe – even though I don’t like every single one. I really like his early works. They still get me with their simplicity and light-footedness. Just like „Nirgendwo & Hormone“. He writes simply and clearly, but he doesn’t bore the reader. And to be honest, I often used some titles of his short stories for my mixes or used quotes for the inner cover of my mixtapes. „Nirgendwo & Hormone“ is a road movie in a book. You travel through the wasteland, bars and wild nights while love and friendship are put on a test. It’s almost like you could smell, taste and feel the desert while reading. „Nirgendwo & Hormone“ has a steady place in my favourites for eternity, although quite a few think that his debut is even better. (it is exceptional)

Selim Özdogan - Nirgendwo & Hormone

Favourite movie: Absolute Giganten

The amount of Hamburg visits I’ve done is quite negligible: I’ve been there once with my school class and visited St. Pauli, many years after I’ve been at DJ Koze’s apartment for an interview and then I’ve been there in winter one week before the Golem club closed to spin some records and my last trip is just a few weeks behind where I finally experienced the summer in the city for three days. But my fascination for Hamburg was born through „Absolute Giganten“. Way before „Victoria“ (I still didn’t see the movie by now. Damn!) Sebastian Schipper came up with a movie that is heavily quoted til now. I think you already know what I’m talking about, when it’s most beautiful, the record is jumping and so on. Regardless of how this scene and many others turned into a cliché „Absolute Giganten“ in its entity remains as one of the best and most beautiful movies about friendship – and Hamburg

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Favourite Album: The Van Pelt – Sultans of Sentiment

Already in third or fourth grade, my brother made tapes with his favourite music for me. They mostly contained so-called emo from 1994 to 1998, besides hardcore. The second emo wave, or however you will call it. I’m talking about bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring and others. And of course about The Van Pelt. They already were unique back in the days and more so today. Their music is detached from genres, categories and scenes extremely timeless, that’s because of the songs themselves – I love every song on this album -, but also due to Chris Leo’s singing. Which isn’t really singing, it’s almost storytelling. The Sound they’ve created remains unique until this very moment to me, only Reiziger from Belgium and Marr came close to it in some time and some sort. A few months ago both LPs were re-released on vinyl. Lucky me! Because my copy I’ve got from my brother already had some scratches and wasn’t out there for a reasonable price until now. There’s no second album I own so many times on CD or as a vinyl record.

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Basco online:

Basco Facebook

Basco Soundcloud

Ashore online:

Ashore Homepage

Ashore Facebook

Ashore Soundcloud


FUEL – Jannick Baal


Jannick Baal is a local DJ from the Nuremberg area. As a friend of the team and a person with strong beliefs, it was clear that we had to feature him. Sound-wise he might be located in a more modern part of club music. His sound reflects his spirituality and love for clean productions. His sets transport a decent energy and steadily offer a flow that makes it easy to follow along and enjoy the night. He displayed those qualities in and around Nuremberg in locations like Haus 33, E-Werk and more.


Favourite book: Hermann Hesse – Siddhartha

The book that impressed me the most is Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. It takes care of beauty, focus and some sort of disciplined freedom in a unique way. All of this is required to understand the concept of integrity and get a closer look.

Hermann Hesse – Siddhartha

Favourite movie or series: Too many

I really love tons of movies and series. I really care about the concept of it and the development throughout the series or the movie. The concept needs to feature exceptional characters and a storyline that is exciting. There’s nothing worse than an ending that is predictable.

Favourite track, mix or album: Too many

There’s no certain mix, album or track that I can place in the limelight so to speak. I could start a list about music that I really love and would never come to an end. To be totally honest I’m fascinated by the future and its endless possibilities. Technology is evolving so fast and always brings up new capabilities. Thanks to this evolution there are so many ways to sample, generate or reproduce sounds and create new ones. All of this can be interpreted, combined and added in several ways. It’s just an endless playground.

Jannick Baal online:

Jannick Baal Facebook

Jannick Baal Soundcloud




WASI is a person we regularly exchange tracks, opinions and ideas with. Always offering a nice outside view and an honest opinion helps us to grow. WASI’s love for house music in all its facets is a thing we deeply share and also proper techno is a thing we click with. As one of the founders of Würzburg’s infamous PIKNIK parties and open airs he clearly left his mark. In the beginning, he played live sets with his own tracks that are as diverse as his musical taste. Nowadays he still produces music but replaced his controller with turntables and usually DJs at his gigs. Always combining deep and minimalistic tracks with disco, synth loaded weapons and some techno if needed. Above all, this guy simply never lets you down. Music-wise and as a friend. The best thing might be his extreme interest in pop culture. Due to his love for it, he connects exciting influences in a positive manner. As a result, he comes up with unique sketches and ideas. So, be prepared for his short answers for our next edition of FUEL.

Favourite book: Ernest Cline – Ready Player One

It is a great homage to all the stuff that had a strong influence on myself while growing up in the 80s and 90s, which boils down to skating, music and computer games basically. Some call it the holy grail of pop culture. That resonates really well with my perception, but beyond that, it also perfectly sketches out how we will interact with technology in a not too distant future. In case you have not watched the movie yet, read the book first as it is such a different experience!

Ernest Cline – Ready Player One

Favourite movie: Dumb and Dumber

I am totally into road movies and Jim Carrey as an actor. This is probably the one I have watched more than 50 times. Some may call it a ridiculous b-movie, but there is also a deeper narrative to it if you watch it more than one time.

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Favourite track: Francois K – Road of Life

This track has influenced me in many ways. It was an often played track in 2008 at a time when I seriously got into clubbing as a dancer at the Monopark parties during my time in Muenster. Later in 2010, I found a 2nd hand record of this track at Amoeba Music in San Francisco. I simply kept this as a souvenir even though I was not a DJ at that time. Today you can still catch me playing this record. To some extent, it reflects my personal „road of life“ which is straightforward.

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WASI online:

WASI Facebook

WASI Soundcloud

FUEL Yannick Dixken

FUEL – Yannick Dixken [Native Instruments]


Longtime friend Yannick Dixken answered our 3 questions for another edition of FUEL. He’s known for his straight and clean techno sound. Not just as a DJ, but also as a producer. For many years he hosted some club nights in his hometown Erlangen and was a vital part of the scene in Franconia. By now he’s residing in Berlin and working for Native Instruments. That’s a perfect fit since he really loves to get lost with his synths. To be more precise he’s some kind of a tech nerd. Of course, we mean that in a positive way. Steadily working on his craft and DJ sets he’s constantly displaying progress and also finds his place in the capital city.

Favourite book, comic or manga: None

None. I never liked stuff printed on dead trees that much and I’m reading a lot throughout the day as I’m working as a System Engineer at Native Instruments here in Berlin. So my eyes need some rest in the evening.

Favourite movie: Oh Boy

Tom Schilling is a great actor and struggling through a coffeeless day can be horror!

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Favourite track: Aitor Ronda – Tweezer

There are endless good tracks. So I go with Aitor Ronda – Tweezer. A current favourite of mine.

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Yannick Dixken Online:

Yannick Dixken Facebook

Yannick Dixken Soundcloud


FUEL – Der Klient [Deep Afterhour]


Our dear friend Der Klient is mostly known for his superb podcast Deep Afterhour. Based in Rostock he gives a nice platform to known and unknown DJs. As a DJ and podcaster, he focuses on music he really enjoys. Mostly dub techno, deep house, minimal techno and everything related with enough groove and drive. With more than 300 episodes his podcast might be one of the most influential podcast for us and it inspired us to do shows with the same quality. If you don’t know his stuff just check him out, we will link everything below. But for now, enjoy his answers about literature, moving image and music. It’s another episode of FUEL.

Favourite manga: Dragonball

In my youth, I was very interested and fascinated by the Dragonball manga. It was so easy to read, it was extremely exciting and pretty funny as well. Also, they had a cliffhanger at the end of each episode or book and you simply had to get the next one.

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Favourite documentary: Feiern

The documentary Feiern really inspired me. I watched it 4-5 times I guess. It just motivated me to create something new so many times and it just worked out perfectly most of the time and it still does.

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Favourite album: Massive Töne – Kopfnicker

It’s a rap album that heavily influenced me and still does. There’s not much to say about it. Just great beats and rhymes from Stuttgart.

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Der Klient online:

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #010 – Der Klient

Der Klient Facebook

Der Klient Soundcloud

Deep Afterhour Facebook

Deep Afterhour Soundcloud


FUEL – Mr. Fonk [Smile for a While]


Mr. Fonk not just recorded the latest edition of Ohrenschmaus Podcast, he also answered some questions. As we told him about FUEL and that we wanted to establish a format that is quick to read he immediately was down for it. 3 Questions, 3 Answers and not only about music? Yes, there’s more than music. Especially when it comes to creativity and artistry. It’s important to step back from music and participate in other spaces or simply enjoy other things. Mr. Fonk told us a bit about things he enjoys besides spinning records and managing his label Smile for a While. He told us about his favourite books, yeah he broke the rules and told us about two. He also explains why he had to and it totally makes sense. On top, he also came along with a movie he really likes and a certain track that sticks with him and why he still loves this gem ever since he heard it for the first time. If you already checked out Drei Farben House’s FUEL edition, you might think those two are brothers. It’s more than disco for both, trust me. So here we go.

Favourite books: Mel Cheren – My life and the Paradise Garage & Andrew Holleran – Dancer from the dance

I read those books more or less simultaneously, so that’s why I nominate two. Both have brought me to tears. I had read a ton of books about Disco before, but only those two really made me feel the daily life of clubbers, DJs and other protagonists of the scene. One is a memoir, the other is more or less fictitious. One is post-AIDS, one pre-AIDS. Both suck you in and never let you go until the last page.

Mel Cheren – My life and the Paradise Garage

Andrew Holleran – Dancer from the dance

Favourite Movie: Studio 54

I saw this movie when I was 19 and starting to go clubbing and it played a major role in honing my musical tastes. Back then I felt like being that Shane 54 guy. Coming from the outskirts of Nuremberg, delving into these whole new things: Nightlife and Dance Music. Even though I have enjoyed dance music since around 1989, it was only around 1998 when I could start to go dancing myself. This was a major part of my early soundtrack.

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Favourite Track: Ten City – That’s the way love is (Deep House Mix)

I heard this first around 2000 when I was checking tons of House Music CDs at Nuremberg’s only proper record store at the time: Laser Sound. This track has guided me through the ups and downs of love and life and its omnipotent meaning for me has never changed over time. I always liked Vocals in House Music. Vocals that mean something. This never changed either, not during the Techno heydays, not during minimal House or any other short-lived trend. The essence of House will prevail!

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Mr. Fonk online:

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #061 – Mr. Fonk

Mr. Fonk Facebook

Mr. Fonk Soundcloud

Smile for a While Facebook

Smile for a While Soundcloud


FUEL – Drei Farben House [Tenderpark Records]


FUEL is a new category here at Ohrenschmaus Podcast. This quick to read format gives you a short but intense behind the scenes look. It’s full of content you might have been interested in for ages. What really touches a DJ or producer besides music? That’s what we are taking care of here. What really inspires or influences those musicians, label owner and radio hosts? How do they stay creative? What matters to them? What left them speechless or had an ongoing impact and why? Here they will answer what print media had an impact, which piece of music or audio touched them and what full-video touched their soul. For the first one, we start with Drei Farben House. Tenderpark’s label head is around for many years and always displays a great sense for uplifting house and disco music. Also, a musician that names himself after a movie perfectly fits our requirements. With his musical background, it is no surprise that he came up with disco related answers.

Favourite book: Hot Stuff – Disco and the remaking of American Culture

My favourite book is Hot Stuff – Disco and the remaking of American Culture by Alice Echols because the author makes clear how much the 1970s Disco revolution is linked to the gay liberation movement, feminism and the black freedom struggle. She shows that without the intervention of these marginalised groups Disco would not have been possible. At the same time, these countercultural actors lay the ground for everything we nowadays consider underground club culture. It all started back then, folks! This fantastic book has been given to me by my premier Disco friend Vina Yun who not only works in the field of feminist journalism but who is also a great Disco DJ herself and a great friend.

Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture

Most seen movie: The Bodyguard

I’ve seen the kitsch movie The Bodyguard so many times that I’ve lost count of it. I mainly keep watching it because Whitney Houston to me is the greatest vocalist of the last 100 years and I just love to watch and hear her sing in the movie. And of course, the movie soundtrack consists of mainly her power songs. By the way: The soundtrack of The Bodyguard is until today the best selling movie soundtrack of all times! Only Whitney has the power to achieve that!

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Favourite mix: Roy Thode live at Paradise Garage, New York 20th of Octobre 1979

I would like to direct you to this fantastic mix from Disco pioneer Roy Thode who played this marvellous set at the historic Paradise Garage in late 1979 – shortly after the so-called Disco backlash. But as you can hear from his set as well as from the performances of countless other DJs at that time Disco was not dead at all. And so did all the club hosts, dancers, promoters and activists think and kept on dancing.

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Drei Farben House online:

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #001 – Drei Farben House

Drei Farben House on Soundcloud

Drei Farben House on Facebook

Tenderpark on Soundcloud

Tenderpark on Facebook

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