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Basco from Ashore is not just a person that shares the enthusiasm for blogging with us. He also is a like-minded person speaking of his musical taste. Besides his love for elegant house and deep techno he also is deeply rooted in hip-hop and rap with all its influences, sample sources and everything else. For Basco golden era beats and modern, more pop related beats are no contradiction. He cherishes both equally and simply integrates a ridiculous amount of different styles and genres into his musical world. This openness and love for music truly follow our ideas and beliefs. You can hear this unique approach in our 16th Hip Hop Selection where he perfectly displayed his skills and talented ear. This list of favourites, however, is pretty much shaped through his brother’s influences. This list consists of selected works Basco was introduced to by his eight years older brother. Nowadays it is the other way around. Sascha forwards new music to his brother and tells him about readworthy literature. Although his brother isn’t an avid reader. What hasn’t changed over the last years is the importance of his brother’s hints and lead. Something we should all be thankful for.


Favourite book: Selim Özdogan – Nirgendwo & Hormone

I think I own almost every book by Selim Özdogan except one or two maybe – even though I don’t like every single one. I really like his early works. They still get me with their simplicity and light-footedness. Just like „Nirgendwo & Hormone“. He writes simply and clearly, but he doesn’t bore the reader. And to be honest, I often used some titles of his short stories for my mixes or used quotes for the inner cover of my mixtapes. „Nirgendwo & Hormone“ is a road movie in a book. You travel through the wasteland, bars and wild nights while love and friendship are put on a test. It’s almost like you could smell, taste and feel the desert while reading. „Nirgendwo & Hormone“ has a steady place in my favourites for eternity, although quite a few think that his debut is even better. (it is exceptional)

Selim Özdogan - Nirgendwo & Hormone

Favourite movie: Absolute Giganten

The amount of Hamburg visits I’ve done is quite negligible: I’ve been there once with my school class and visited St. Pauli, many years after I’ve been at DJ Koze’s apartment for an interview and then I’ve been there in winter one week before the Golem club closed to spin some records and my last trip is just a few weeks behind where I finally experienced the summer in the city for three days. But my fascination for Hamburg was born through „Absolute Giganten“. Way before „Victoria“ (I still didn’t see the movie by now. Damn!) Sebastian Schipper came up with a movie that is heavily quoted til now. I think you already know what I’m talking about, when it’s most beautiful, the record is jumping and so on. Regardless of how this scene and many others turned into a cliché „Absolute Giganten“ in its entity remains as one of the best and most beautiful movies about friendship – and Hamburg

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Favourite Album: The Van Pelt – Sultans of Sentiment

Already in third or fourth grade, my brother made tapes with his favourite music for me. They mostly contained so-called emo from 1994 to 1998, besides hardcore. The second emo wave, or however you will call it. I’m talking about bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring and others. And of course about The Van Pelt. They already were unique back in the days and more so today. Their music is detached from genres, categories and scenes extremely timeless, that’s because of the songs themselves – I love every song on this album -, but also due to Chris Leo’s singing. Which isn’t really singing, it’s almost storytelling. The Sound they’ve created remains unique until this very moment to me, only Reiziger from Belgium and Marr came close to it in some time and some sort. A few months ago both LPs were re-released on vinyl. Lucky me! Because my copy I’ve got from my brother already had some scratches and wasn’t out there for a reasonable price until now. There’s no second album I own so many times on CD or as a vinyl record.

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