Classic Records of the Week #48 // 2015

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Originally released back in 2008 this record consists of three classic house tracks by Steve Bug, Superlova and Vincenzo. All of the featured tracks have been released before and build the first of two compilations that go by the name „Raw Essentials 1 & 2“. The first track is „Rhodes Flash“ by Steve Bug, the founder of Dessous, Poker Flat and Raw Elements. The track consists of hard hitting kicks, dirty drums and minimalistic & dark pads. This heavy foundation feels a bit lethargic at first, but the playful rhodes that flash through the arrangement turn this track from hard and heavy house into lighter and brighter music that ends up in a melancholic tune that tells stories full of passion and happiness as well as disappointment and harm. „My Vibrations“ from Vincenzo takes care of the fluffy side of house music. Looped vocals, repeating chords are the scaffold for low frequency kicks and a strong bassline. Not too hectically, not too laid-back. Warm and housey feelings all the way, this beat doesn’t burn down the club, it melts it. Soulful and magical, those are the ingredients that end up in a perfectly engineered deep house groove. The compilation is closed by Superlova’s „All Night“, the track name functions as the topic of every party and at the same time describes how long you can listen to this loop-based beauty. All night long, baby! A hypnotic pad, looped vocal samples, slamming kicks, a pumping bassline and crisp drum programming. That’s it. Superlova mastered one of the toughest challenges out there, turning a simple loop into something spectacular. Functional, energetic and heavily addictive.

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Progcity Deep Trax was established in 2007 by Klaus Spitzner and is the parent label of Progcity. The Hannover based label offers us three versions of Jesus Gonsev and DJ Ino’s „Manhattan Wax“, starting with the „Original Mix“ on the a-side. The arrangement tends towards techno, but the sounds on the other hand clearly speak of warm house music. A heavy bassline and a combat of sounds generate some heavy drive, while the percussions and pads balance this track perfectly. This piece is deep, techy and technoid at the same time. The sounds are great but in the end there’s way to much happening in the original version of „Manhattan Wax“. The second installment on this vinyl record is „Manhattan Wax (Jesus Gonsev Deep Remix)“. Reserved kicks, filtered percussions and soft drums create a calm and deep atmosphere. The bassline is identically to the one from the „Original Mix“, but fits way better into Jesus‘ arrangement. All in all the remix offers the same power, but sounds a bit rounder and elegant. On the flip-side Kris Wadsworth took control of „Manhattan Wax“ and comes up with his „What is House Music Remix“. Industrial sounding kicks and a low bottom bassline build the beginning. The track really takes his time and slowly leads you into this dark sounding tune. Pads that sound like bending a saw blade and a rushing synth work together perfectly. Kris‘ remix is an outstanding one. Functional, driving and mysterious all the way. This beauty is highly addictive and can be used as the turning point from deep house to techno in everyone’s set.

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