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DJ Loser's debut EP on the now 15 releases strong Bliq imprint comes as a tidy package with a Seixlack mix on the flip. 4 state of the art raw house tracks.

Review: DJ Loser – DJ Loser – Bliq


Bliq showcasts DJ Loser’s self titled debut as their 15th release so far. If you take a closer look you will notice that the label already was a platform for many talents that debuted their first physical release on. This time you hear 4 powerful tracks on the a- and b-side, with 3 original tracks and 1 remix by Seixlack. Rough and raw house sounds melt together with driving drums, a bit of acid and lo-fi sound design. Keep reading

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #035 – Bu$$

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For our december edition we got in contact with Bu$$ from Greece. Besides being a nice guy, Costa also runs a fabulous label called Bliq. We can call several release from Bliq’s catalogue our own and love Bu$$’s podcasts we’ve heard. For the 35th edition of the Ohrenschmaus Podcast series he mixed some deep and driving house tunes. 62 minutes of cosmic and rough beats that go together perfectly. Thanks Costa for your great contribution to our show, your Ohrenschmaus Podcast.


Ohrenschmaus Podcast #035 – Bu$$ by Ohrenschmaus Podcast

For our december edition we got in contact with Bu$$ from Greece. Besides being a nice guy, Costa also runs a fabulous label called Bliq. We can call several release from Bliq’s catalogue our own and love Bu$$’s podcasts we’ve heard. For the 35th edition of the Ohrenschmaus Podcast series he mixed some deep and driving house tunes.



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Recent Records of the Week #47 // 2015

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The second release on Amsterdam based label Taped Artifact was produced by Natan H. The american already had some output on labels like ManMakeMusic, Altered Moods Recordings and Finale Sessions, always showing his love for the rawer and deeper side of house music. The EP is opened by “Erklingen Dub”, raw drums and a powerful bassline surround the overpowered kicks and function as the scaffold for the rough sound layers that flutter through the track constantly. The opening-track is deep and and bursting with energy at the same time, generating a spacious and mysterious atmosphere. “Te Aro” ends the a-side, consisting of a crackling bassline and swinging synth sounds. Acid in between combined with hard claps accentuate the feeling of darkness. This dub track brings light into the dark, or is it the other way around? We are not quite sure, but what we are sure about is the fact that this production is exciting all the way. On the flip side “Submission” offers a calm and rough dub interpretation. Strings float around, crisp drums and soft pads end up in a great groove. Smartly used breaks create time to introduce new sounds and variations and make this one simply beautiful. It has everything a deep track needs. “Orthogonal”, the last track of TA002 is a slow bouncer. Once again pounding kicks, spacious layers and crisp kicks create a raw sounding house track. Lots of reverb and echo is used to extend every part of the tune and make them last forever. This EP might not offer various styles, but it offers four outstanding tracks from the fields of raw house music. The tracks seem a bit similar at first, but if you take your time and listen closer you get to know how specific and diverse every single track is. The “Erklingen EP” once again shows Natan’s impressive talent for raw and organic sounding tunes. He’s one of the newer producers out there that should be on everybody’s list, simply smart dub and house music throughout his entire discography so far.

[TA002] Natan H – Erklingen EP by Taped Artifact

Natan H – Erklingen EP [Taped Artifact 002] Tracklisting: A1 – Erklingen Dub A2 – Te Aro B1 – Submission B2 – Orthogonal Release date: November 20, 2015 All tracks written & produced by Natan H Mastered by M.A.



There’s nothing you have to say about Mr. G, he’s a legend when it comes to energetic house and techno tracks for years now. That’s why we won’t introduce him, if you don’t know him go and educate yourself. The “Infrastructure EP” offers you three typical Mr. G cuts. “Guiness Punch (Xtra Wray Dub)” is the opening track on this EP. Dreamful chords get backed by a heavy sounding bassline and melancholic vocals. Decent snares, organic claps and Mr. G’s signature rides once again create the unique sound everyone knows. The bounce of the track is outstanding, the kicks are on point and the arrangement keeps things simple. It seems so easy, but it’s so hard to create tracks like this and Colin McBean is one of the few that master this art form. “Give Thanx!” opens the b-side. This track is made for dark basement clubs with it’s pounding acid sounds jumping through the entire track, threatening you. This is one hell of an acid bomb, fitting every techno set perfectly. “Give Thanx!” is followed by “Invert?”. The second track on the b-side as well takes care of the dark & dusty side of electronic music. The soulful vocal in combination with the shuffled layers and pads is very special and evolves into a nice mix between house and techno. “Invert?” once again shows the versatility that Mr. G has. The arrangements are simple, not too many sounds are used, but somehow he always creates his signature sound that most of the time crosses borders. Combining acid and soul, hip hop and techno, house and disco. Everything is possible when Colin sits down behind his machines. With the “Infrastructure EP” he once again has proven that he is an impressive producer for house and techno music these days.

MR G – Infrastructure EP – PHOENIX G at Phonica Records

MR G/Infrastructure EP/PHOENIX G – London’s leading Vinyl Records Specialist based in Soho, London W1

Ohrenschmaus Podcast #030 – Antares

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With our Ohrenschmaus Podcast #030 we slowly welcome the summer period with some dark and futuristic vibes with antares. Antares is a good friend of our series and a young and talented dj which mostly takes care about dark house and techno music with a lot of pads integrated. So you could say he tends to the left field of electronic music in general, but never loses the contact to functional and emotional club music, as you can experience in his mix for our podcast project. In Nuremberg he is widely known for his we are 138 parties at K4, Zentralcafé. If you’re in the mood for some house gems and tracks you don’t hear at regular parties this mix should be offering you quality and variety at the same time. We were hooked and lost from the first track of this unique experience, journey or whatever you would like to call it. Please support him, his music, parties and everything he does and check out the following links, we are in love and lost in space at the same time. thank you antares, your work on this recording is splendid. One love, OP!


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CVBox & Micha Freier – Blinking Lights / Uncanny Valley
Vernon Felicity (Conforce) – Flatlife / Midlight
Chris Mitchell – Planetary Transcendance / Vanguard Sound!
XDB – Tonik / Dolly
Massiande – Get House / MOS
Delta Funktionen – Sun Storm / Delsin
The Excaltics – Slip In / Clone
Neville Watson – Against The Tide (Marquis Hawkes Remix) / Crème
John Hester – Liquid Reflections / L.A.G
House Of Jezebel (Legowelt) – Quantum Fawn / Voyage Direct
Marquis Hawkes – Tunnel / Crème
Achterbahn D’ Amour – Holy Romance Empire / Acid Test
Ebokai – Metae / Voyage Direct

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Ohrenschmaus Podcast #026 – Philipp Roth

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For our february podcast we invited our artdirector. Philipp Roth delivers a well selected and rough sounding podcast #026 which includes a lot of records we never heard before which we are keen to find out who produced those beauties. Besides recording this podcast philipp also spins records at his own party at K4 Zentralcafé in Nuremberg, which is called [party] as well. With Hoke & Baul joining him as djs & founders as well it definitely is one of the most enjoyable parties you can find in our hometown, so if you want to catch them just follow the eventlink below. On top you will find some other links after the text, as Nanuk he is doing all his art stuff, under this alias he also took care of our logo, all the tape artworks, banners and profile pictures. If you find the name Red On on a flyer he’s offering you a nice dose of experimental-postrock-whatever kind of thing whether it is solo or with his band. He really has some mad skills on many different things so please check him out and first of all enjoy this mix, your op.


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Nanuk tumblr
Red On Bandcamp
Philipp Roth Soundcloud