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Mix of the Week #10 // 2016: XDB at Control Club, Bucharest

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We started our week with the live recording of XDB’s set at Control Club in Bucharest. XDB is one of the djs that are in the game for ages and still keep things hot always treating you with quality records and a superb vibe while playing a show. Atmospheric tracks that are guarded by some acid and dub bombs all the way. That might be a short description of this set, of course as usual XDB offers you powerful tracks that move your body and shows his unique way of arranging a club set. Old and forgotten gems and new releases or promos, Kosta always keeps you digging for the beauties he dropped. One of the most impressive things of his mixes for sure is the amount of widely unknown tracks from back in the days, but he also shows us his favourite tracks on Facebook with his regular postings of “Tracks i do really LOVE…” and he never disappoints musically. One of the best djs and producers for us. It seems like he is gifted on both ends with a very special attempt towards playing vinyl and creating his own productions.

XDB @ XDB X Chameleon @ Control Club Bucharest by XDB

XDB DJ – Set @ XDB X Chameleon @ Control Club Bucharest / 22.11.2014



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Mix of the Week #09 // 2016: It Works Podcast – Marbod

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Our favorite podcast this week comes from our friends over at It Works Podcast. Their 53rd installment was recorded by Marbod, the head honcho of Lofile Records. After quite a while it seems like the label is back with some new releases we are really looking for. Until then we thought why not treat ourselves to the brand new podcast from Marbod. His 60 minutes lasting creation takes us into the world of raw and organic mid-tempo house flavored with some minimalistic and Detroit like house beats in between, generating a laid back and comfortable feeling all the way. Simply a beautiful and nice selection we really enjoyed while taking care of the household here on this grey and cold day in Nuremberg.


P.S.: If you’re in Berlin visit him at his nice little Filterhouse cafe and bar for some slow brewed coffee or some nice drinks in Neukölln.

It Works Podcast #53 mit Marbod (Lofile Records) by It Works Podcast



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Classic Record of the Week #50 // 2015

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This week we want to talk about one of the most famous records in deep house history: Boo Williams’ “Residual EP”. Originally released in 2010 on Amsterdams finest Rush Hour Recordings, Chicago born and raised Boo delivered one of the illest house records that saw the light of day so far. Not only that there’s one outstanding work to enjoy, the “Residual EP” delivers 4 works that could headline any release easily. “Mortal Trance” might be the most noted track on this 12 inch and also opens this gathering of sublime house music. Everyone will notice this track from the very beginning with his soft strings and heavenly pads which are followed by one of the most powerful kicks we’ve heard so far. This track works all the time, never loosing his magic. The acid infused bassline makes everybody hover through the club. This track is pure madness and sooner or later you’re addicted. Following it’s “Eternal Mind” the second track on the a-side is a bit more mystical and playful. Hypnotising string snippets, a raw bassline and tender pads generate an unreal vibe. The sharp and crisp drums end up in some drum rolls every now and then which function as a wake up call that tells you that one of your dreams became reality. “Day and Night” opens the b-side of Boo’s “Residual EP”. Looped chords and a stomping kick get support by two terrific basslines. Whilst the sub bassline keeps things simple, a squeaking acid bassline once again adds a special touch to the tune. Musically “Day and Night” is the strongest beat on the EP with his large variety of sounds and the lovely arrangement that divides this track into single chapters. With “Teckno Drome” this EP comes to an end. This track simply is a futuristic love story. Even it’s not love at first sight, it brings everything together that should be together after his 1 minute and 20 seconds lasting intro. Surprisingly soft kicks are covered by a fat bassline that goes deep down to test your subwoofers’ quality. On top, once again emotional content is served in such a distinct way. The peaceful chords and strings make their way into your heart and almost make you cry. Somehow this track has the power to cure your soul. Where words fail, that’s the place where this extravagant release starts to speak.

Classic Record of the Week #49 // 2015

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This weeks Classic Record of the Week is Dial’s “Chicago Remixes (2)” remix compilation for Efdemin’s “Chicago” album. The remix EP continues the high quality standards Efdemin has set with his long player. Deadbeat’s remix for “Shoeshine” opens the four tracker with his humming bassline and the presence of gloomy soundscapes. The high density of sounds in this track, due to it’s heavy pads and robust synths, evolves into a mid tempo techno bomb with a superb build up that definitely stands out. Following it is Efdemin’s very own “There Will Be Singing (Efdemin’s Future Edit)”. Pounding kicks and heavy delays on the percussion deliver a great and highly dynamic basis for the raw bassline and the endlessly floating pad on top. Remixing or editing your own tracks is quite a big challenge. And Efdemin mastered this task easily, converting his original track from a melodic masterpiece into a floor killer that still keeps the essence and soul of the original. The mastermind called Fred P. aka Black Jazz Consortium opens the b-side with his interpretation of “Nighttrain”. Once again he included his signature sounds that make every production of his so special. Bumping stabs, super soft strings, energetic percussions and this peaceful atmosphere that nobody ever recreated so far. Positive vibes, a great groove and super nice sounds once again melt our hearts, this is on point and one of our all time favorite remixes. Rndm closes this remix compilation with his “There Will Be Singing Dub”, a stripped back version of the original that gets spiced with some sharp shooting drums and lovely bongos. The shuffled pad in the background in combination with the great vocal work end up in a heavily grooving tune that keeps things simple.


Classic Records of the Week #48 // 2015

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Originally released back in 2008 this record consists of three classic house tracks by Steve Bug, Superlova and Vincenzo. All of the featured tracks have been released before and build the first of two compilations that go by the name “Raw Essentials 1 & 2”. The first track is “Rhodes Flash” by Steve Bug, the founder of Dessous, Poker Flat and Raw Elements. The track consists of hard hitting kicks, dirty drums and minimalistic & dark pads. This heavy foundation feels a bit lethargic at first, but the playful rhodes that flash through the arrangement turn this track from hard and heavy house into lighter and brighter music that ends up in a melancholic tune that tells stories full of passion and happiness as well as disappointment and harm. “My Vibrations” from Vincenzo takes care of the fluffy side of house music. Looped vocals, repeating chords are the scaffold for low frequency kicks and a strong bassline. Not too hectically, not too laid-back. Warm and housey feelings all the way, this beat doesn’t burn down the club, it melts it. Soulful and magical, those are the ingredients that end up in a perfectly engineered deep house groove. The compilation is closed by Superlova’s “All Night”, the track name functions as the topic of every party and at the same time describes how long you can listen to this loop-based beauty. All night long, baby! A hypnotic pad, looped vocal samples, slamming kicks, a pumping bassline and crisp drum programming. That’s it. Superlova mastered one of the toughest challenges out there, turning a simple loop into something spectacular. Functional, energetic and heavily addictive.



Progcity Deep Trax was established in 2007 by Klaus Spitzner and is the parent label of Progcity. The Hannover based label offers us three versions of Jesus Gonsev and DJ Ino’s “Manhattan Wax”, starting with the “Original Mix” on the a-side. The arrangement tends towards techno, but the sounds on the other hand clearly speak of warm house music. A heavy bassline and a combat of sounds generate some heavy drive, while the percussions and pads balance this track perfectly. This piece is deep, techy and technoid at the same time. The sounds are great but in the end there’s way to much happening in the original version of “Manhattan Wax”. The second installment on this vinyl record is “Manhattan Wax (Jesus Gonsev Deep Remix)”. Reserved kicks, filtered percussions and soft drums create a calm and deep atmosphere. The bassline is identically to the one from the “Original Mix”, but fits way better into Jesus’ arrangement. All in all the remix offers the same power, but sounds a bit rounder and elegant. On the flip-side Kris Wadsworth took control of “Manhattan Wax” and comes up with his “What is House Music Remix”. Industrial sounding kicks and a low bottom bassline build the beginning. The track really takes his time and slowly leads you into this dark sounding tune. Pads that sound like bending a saw blade and a rushing synth work together perfectly. Kris’ remix is an outstanding one. Functional, driving and mysterious all the way. This beauty is highly addictive and can be used as the turning point from deep house to techno in everyone’s set.

Recent Records of the Week #48 // 2015

Highlights of the WeekRecent Records

This week we couldn’t come up with any records unfortunately. Searching for hours there was not a single release that hooked us on his groove, seduced us with outstanding vocal work or re-invented something new. It’s sad out there when it comes to house & techno releases at the moment. Of course it is nice to see all those re-issues popping up and providing us a second chance to buy the records for reasonable prices, instead of paying the discogs sellers that overprice the gems we would like to call our own. On the other hand, it seems like there’s not much left besides those re-releases. All the records sound like records we already own, no one tries to do something different, no one takes his time to achieve his own signature sound. This weeks news felt like copies of tracks that were great in fact, but you don’t need 20 tracks that sound the same. It seems like the young guns, producer like labels, always head for a safe way. A way they know it works when it comes to selling records or for the producer, a way they know it will function on the dancefloor. But that’s not what house & techno is all about, it’s about moving on, trying to invent something, trying to make things differently, creating excitement and emotions. Nothing of this was seen in this weeks news sadly.


P.S.: We know that there are labels that provide us with great releases, as well as there are producers that excite us, but both are getting less.

Recent Records of the Week #47 // 2015

Highlights of the WeekRecent Records


The second release on Amsterdam based label Taped Artifact was produced by Natan H. The american already had some output on labels like ManMakeMusic, Altered Moods Recordings and Finale Sessions, always showing his love for the rawer and deeper side of house music. The EP is opened by “Erklingen Dub”, raw drums and a powerful bassline surround the overpowered kicks and function as the scaffold for the rough sound layers that flutter through the track constantly. The opening-track is deep and and bursting with energy at the same time, generating a spacious and mysterious atmosphere. “Te Aro” ends the a-side, consisting of a crackling bassline and swinging synth sounds. Acid in between combined with hard claps accentuate the feeling of darkness. This dub track brings light into the dark, or is it the other way around? We are not quite sure, but what we are sure about is the fact that this production is exciting all the way. On the flip side “Submission” offers a calm and rough dub interpretation. Strings float around, crisp drums and soft pads end up in a great groove. Smartly used breaks create time to introduce new sounds and variations and make this one simply beautiful. It has everything a deep track needs. “Orthogonal”, the last track of TA002 is a slow bouncer. Once again pounding kicks, spacious layers and crisp kicks create a raw sounding house track. Lots of reverb and echo is used to extend every part of the tune and make them last forever. This EP might not offer various styles, but it offers four outstanding tracks from the fields of raw house music. The tracks seem a bit similar at first, but if you take your time and listen closer you get to know how specific and diverse every single track is. The “Erklingen EP” once again shows Natan’s impressive talent for raw and organic sounding tunes. He’s one of the newer producers out there that should be on everybody’s list, simply smart dub and house music throughout his entire discography so far.

[TA002] Natan H – Erklingen EP by Taped Artifact

Natan H – Erklingen EP [Taped Artifact 002] Tracklisting: A1 – Erklingen Dub A2 – Te Aro B1 – Submission B2 – Orthogonal Release date: November 20, 2015 All tracks written & produced by Natan H Mastered by M.A.



There’s nothing you have to say about Mr. G, he’s a legend when it comes to energetic house and techno tracks for years now. That’s why we won’t introduce him, if you don’t know him go and educate yourself. The “Infrastructure EP” offers you three typical Mr. G cuts. “Guiness Punch (Xtra Wray Dub)” is the opening track on this EP. Dreamful chords get backed by a heavy sounding bassline and melancholic vocals. Decent snares, organic claps and Mr. G’s signature rides once again create the unique sound everyone knows. The bounce of the track is outstanding, the kicks are on point and the arrangement keeps things simple. It seems so easy, but it’s so hard to create tracks like this and Colin McBean is one of the few that master this art form. “Give Thanx!” opens the b-side. This track is made for dark basement clubs with it’s pounding acid sounds jumping through the entire track, threatening you. This is one hell of an acid bomb, fitting every techno set perfectly. “Give Thanx!” is followed by “Invert?”. The second track on the b-side as well takes care of the dark & dusty side of electronic music. The soulful vocal in combination with the shuffled layers and pads is very special and evolves into a nice mix between house and techno. “Invert?” once again shows the versatility that Mr. G has. The arrangements are simple, not too many sounds are used, but somehow he always creates his signature sound that most of the time crosses borders. Combining acid and soul, hip hop and techno, house and disco. Everything is possible when Colin sits down behind his machines. With the “Infrastructure EP” he once again has proven that he is an impressive producer for house and techno music these days.

MR G – Infrastructure EP – PHOENIX G at Phonica Records

MR G/Infrastructure EP/PHOENIX G – London’s leading Vinyl Records Specialist based in Soho, London W1

Classic Records of the Week #47 // 2015

Classic RecordsHighlights of the Week


On the a-side Dennis Ferrer’s “The Red Room (OBJ Vocal Mix)” takes control with a naughty vocal sample shouting “welcome to the red room honey” sensually towards abysses everyone has inside. High bongos and soft drums mixed with a dark and pounding synth bassline end up in an unique track. The fluttering sounds and squeaky harmonica generate a tense track that finds itself somewhere between progressive house and techno. No way you get bored by this uncommon club track that mostly lives from his agility and the masses of vocal use. That’s the perfect tune to surprise the dancers, but still keep the party going. If it’s a wild party this banger will tear the roof off! Kyle MF Hall’s “The Red Room (MeMix)” is located on the b-side and shows the exceptional talent Kyle has. The way he flipped the original vocal sample feels like a nice and hard punch to your face. The extremely shuffled vocal generates an endless amount of energy and speeds things up in a way you never experienced it before. Accompanied with his signature drum programming which always stumbles trough the grid like a blind without his seeing-eye dog. On point every now and then, but mostly not it creates a nice counterpart to the powerful vocal and balances this track quite nicely. This is a real stand out track which brings break beat, house, techno and hip hop together. That might be one of Kyle Hall’s best works so far. It has everything Kyle is famous for, but in contrast to his other tracks, this one is danceable as hell. If you need some heat simply introduce your crowd to Dennis’ and Kyle’s red rooms.



Frank Timm, better known for his alias Sound Stream provides the best funk and disco flavoured house records out there. On his own “Sound Stream” imprint he releases bomb after bomb, all his records get playtime from djs all over the world. “Love Jam” on the a-side of his third release on “Sound Stream” from 2006 offers an everlasting string for the romantic side of the track, in combination with the aggressive chords it lets you dream and calls you back to reality at the same time. It’s hard to define the magic inside this track, but that’s the thing about magic. It has to be mysterious, as soon as you crack the code it’ll be boring. On the flip side you’ll find “Makin’ Love”. Vibrating layers, dull percussions and a pounding kick instantly grab you. Your feets are moving, energy girdles you and happiness fires through your body. Super soulful vocal samples pop up everywhere as well as guitar riffs. Rushing disco strings in-between and a blasting bassline. All those elements of soul and funk music you’ll find in both tracks are superb and used in a way only Sound Stream is capable of. He always sticks to the core of his sampled material, but somehow manages to create his very own sound at the same time. Many try to produce powerful house tracks with elements of funk, soul and disco, but there’s only one guy, one label that masters it: “Sound Stream”.

Classic Records of the Week #46 // 2015

Classic RecordsHighlights of the Week


Fragil Musique from France provides a great 10 inch vinyl from Kenny Lane. “Needed”, the name of this EP perfectly describes what many must have thought during their first listening sessions of the snippets. “I desperately need this release”, must be the thought that came up in several minds. “What I Need” by Kenny himself on the a-side is a beautiful raw house cut. Dirty drum sounds with lots of reverb and chorus are in full effect during the whole track. The sparely used pitch on the drums adds some dynamic to the pattern and lets the crisp strings stand out even more. The vocal sample adds another facet to this piece with it’s meaningful words, but doesn’t limit the power of the tune at the same time. The “What I Need (Powerful People Remix)” by Le Loup completes the 10 inch. The remix is a bit calmer compared to the original and is based on a super peaceful string. Pounding kicks and a sophisticated drum arrangement breaths life into this track. Because of it’s humming bassline and the powerful drums this flick creates enough energy to entertain the dance floor continuously. The breaks stand out with broken beat influenced drums and a magical vocal that softly whispers to your ear while making his way from the background into the spotlight. The remix really is a mysterious, yet energetic track that gives you countless opportunities.  To put it in a nutshell, the original and the remix complement each other perfectly and offer you one of the best Fragil releases so far.



Ben Micklewright, the man behind the BLM alias delivers 3 quality originals on Fear of Flying and a Geddes Dub on top. “Garage is back” opens  the record on the a-side. An almost alarming amount of drive is contributed by the lovely looped pads and striking drums. In combination with sparely used percussions and an atmospheric string rushing through this song the power levels perfectly. There’s enough drive and groove to move the dancers in front of you and on the other hand it still stays in touch with the deeper spheres of house music. “Step to this”, the second track on the main side of the record exactly provides what his name tells you. Extremely powerful kicks, energetic drums and shuffled sounds get a boost from the heavily bouncing bassline. Soft strings show up every now and then and build the foundation for dominantly played chords. “Step to this” almost is a bit overpowered in comparison to the other tracks on this 12 inch, but it does what it should. It really makes you want to move due to the large amount of power in every part and sound that has been used.  The “Garage is back (Geddes Dub)” opens the door to the b-side. Geddes’ dub version sticks closely to the original and simply adds a more relaxed vibe to all the sounds with smoothly pitched pads and few laid back sounds in addition. This could be the ecological version of BLM’s mix, perfect for every sunrise, sunset or whenever you want to create a cozy mood. This should be the blueprint for many remixers out there, because it’s not necessary to do everything different. Of course you can, but the best remixes simply add another vibe to the original and pay homage to the primary material. The last track on this EP is called “Priority Remix (Original Mix)” and completes this record nicely. The second track on the b-side offers an intelligent arrangement with soulful vocal loops, harmonic strings and sunrise chords in full effect. This track touches everyone with it’s jazzy parts and slowly evolving deepness. You almost can feel the sounds reach into your soul, planting trees of love and hope. Outstanding emotionality that no other track created so far, is what makes this piece of art unique in every way. In the end all four tracks offer quality with different approaches, but the “Priority Remix (Original Mix)” really lifts this whole EP to a whole different level. This is one is a must-have!

Recent Records of the Week #46 // 2015

Highlights of the WeekRecent Records


The Bologna based duo Nas1 comes up with their “Woodside EP” on Odd Socks, after releases on labels like Bosconi Extra Virgin and Crimini Records. 3 raw and organic sounding tracks are offered to all the heads out there. “Kokooo” opens the record with his crackling drum rack, dreamful layers and stumbling arrangement. The slow tempo fits the warm feeling on this tune perfectly. The second track on the a-side is called “50k” and carries on with dirty drum sounds, but has a different approach. Highly emotional low-fi house meets sensitively used disco chops and creates a great groover with a unique touch to it. The striking bassline adds a nice drive to the piece and completes the track perfectly. “Exit 12-13” takes over the b-side of this record and at the same time brings all the elements you’ve heard so far together. Bongos adding a certain feeling of djungle to the track which is accompanied by a weirdly sampled and chopped vocal. Wide sounds create a fluffiness where all the rawer sounds feel domestic and stand out as well. Overall this EP is compiled well, every single track suits the other and turns this vinyl into a nicely balanced work.

ODD009 – Nas1 – Woodside EP by Odd Socks Records

Artist: Nas1 ( Title: Woodside EP Label: Odd Socks ( Cat no. ODD009 Release date: November 2015



Samuel André Madsen, also known for his Mandar project with Nick Putman and Charlie Naffah once again proves his magic touch. This lovely two tracker offers some minimalistic and improvisational flicks. The a-side takes you on a trip through lower frequencies, supported by reserved operating hi hats and pitched drums. A strong bassline adds a certain darkness to the tune and is the perfect foundation for the jazzy improvisation on top. Chords pop up everywhere and seduce your ears. This track is everything but average. “Untitled” on the flip side is a typical S.A.M. track, groovy drum patterns, pounding kicks and powerful chords set every dancefloor on fire. Somewhere located between house and techno this track is a great addition to nearly everyones set. A playful track and some prime time madness meet here and end in a sweet record that’s put together gently.

S.A.M. & The Naff Arkestra – Beyond Synthesis EP (DELAPHINE005) by S. A. M.

Artists: S.A.M. & The Naff Arkestra EP: Beyond Synthesis EP Label: Delaphine Catalogue Number: Delaphine005 Written by: Samuel André Madsen, Charlie Naffah & Pierre Naffah. produced by: S.A.M. & Lazare Hoche in the Mandar Studio. Mastered by: Joel Krozer Format: 12″ Vinyl Year: 2015 Distributed by Subwax Bcn. enjoy!

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